Slumberjack Emergency Cot

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Slumberjack Emergency Cot
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I LOVE the brand/model name, but was hoping for a $3 donation to FEMA

I’m seeing a new way to go through class!

I’d like to 3 of these in a bag o carp

Ok, you made me chuckle.

Useful for those campouts on rugged terrain with questionable ground. Not the first thing I’d carry in an emergency situation but I’d keep one or two in my car, just in case.

I bought this Ozark Trail Camping Cot during a woot off, but I haven’t opened it yet. Should I sell that one and get this one instead?

that bar across the middle looks like it would cause back pain…

Any opinions on how this would work for a spare bed for occasional use?

You actually don’t even touch the bar in the middle.

How easy are these on the back?

I cant imagine sleeping more than 2 or 3 days on these before your back shows signs of strain…but then again, its a good way to discourage guests from staying too long =D

Is there a difference between an “Emergency” cot, and something you’d say…take camping? Or is that just a marketing choice?

I guess it depends on how fat you intend to get. The Ozark max is 225lbs, this current one is rated to 325. I think American Recreation did the smart thing by bumping it up to 325 for the American consumer.

I have the Coleman brand one and it works great. only problem is, I’m the one using it instead of my bed.

the bars along the length of the cot go like this V V V and then you have ||/| down the middle of the length where each | = a V (if that makes sense, it probably doesn’t).

Edit: what I’m trying to say is: You don’t sleep on any bars.

Does anyone know if this has the plastic end cap connectors like the Coleman brand one?

Where is deals woot and what is this Local.Woot a new groupon thing? The owners of Groupon blew it big time when they didn’t sell out for $5.3 Billion to google. Now everyone is offering discounts

I slept on one of these cots for about three months last semester at a friend’s house. I found out that my new roommate was psycho and not taking her psych meds… I immediately moved out and put my bed in storage. Sleeping on this wasn’t bad at all. Its the best cot I’ve slept on. While you may want to buy a thick sleeping bag or a sleeping mat to put on top of it, sleeping on this is much better than getting stabbed in your sleep because you were ‘hiding your dishes in the sink’.

Roughly a $6 savings over the Amazon price which amounts to about a 12% savings. Usually in order for me to bite on a product I wasn’t intending on buying or didn’t even know existed, the discount would have to be much greater than that.