Slumberjack Emergency Cot

$51.56 at Amazon, retails for $79.99. Good reviews.

Need one of these for nephews; enjoyed the constitutional history lesson.

I see several on ebay for $70-$85. Here’s a link to more info and a place that sells if for $59.95:

Does a lack of a futon qualify as an emergency?

I certainly wouldn’t unless you need it to be super heavy duty. They are both the same design, but this offering looks to be a bit sturdier which also translates to bulkier.

thanks for clarifying!

Just scroll down a bit on the front page and you’ll see the Deals spot. It just got bumped a bit.

Also this isn’t the type of cot that leaves you aching in the morning. Major plus. Although putting it together might kick your arse…

Ouch! At 16 pounds I would not recommend this for backpacking.

Hey, I’ll have you know that I’ve slept on bars the world over.

These are great for camping, and kids love these things. The price may be a bit steep, we picked up two at GoodWill for $8 total a few months ago. And note, these things are great for unexpected guests (just last weekend) and ideal for kids sleeping over. Okay, one more - visiting Grandmas is better if we bring some to keep the kids off the floor. Children that sleep well = happier kids. Happier kids = happier parents.

Or, more simply: sK=hK >> hP. I’m not entirely sure about the causation, though.

Is this stable enough to handle ThunderThighs?

I’m a Slumberjack and I’m ok,
My fabric’s black and my legs are grey,
I let you sleep, up off the ground,
and I’m there for emer-gen-seeeee!

If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is!

Cots like this are exceptionally comfortable. You’ll really be surprised. I prefer them to an air mattress.

The one thing you’ll want to remember is that air passes under these are makes you extremely cold compared to normal, where your body warms the bed or ground surface. Important to remember for cold weather camping.

I would love to have one of these, great price for what others have it listed for, but I would rather sleep on the ground for free.

Cool Woot though!

I slept on a cot like this (not sure the brand) during a ‘night at the museum’ event with the scouts. It was narrow and short. If you intend to buy one, make sure it fits your frame. For comfortable sleeping in a tent an air mattress is more comfortable. Of course a cot doesn’t have to be inflated and while it can break it won’t spring a leak.

Looking forward to watching the “Woot by State” grid for this one, to see where I would be most in need of an emergency cot. :slight_smile:

anyone know the dimensions when it is folded up?