Slumberjack Emergency Cot

Why would I be begging to sleep on the ground after you have slept on one of these for a month or more? I’ll probably be sleeping in my comfy bed while you are sleeping on this cot.

The fact that it is being shipped by ground rather than SmartPost is the thing that made me go ahead and buy it. SmartPost in a city with no mail delivery is a major headache. I just received the tent that I bought from Woot Monday.

Well at least we won’t be bullied into giving you a loan you can’t afford and that you’ll default on anyway!

I am so gonna get some at the next slumber party. Chix dig a dude with 3 cots.

And the winner is… Utah. Not really a surprise there.

Ship it!!! Let’s go son!

I have on similar already. It is my primary bed. I bought one of these as a back-up, and to take on camping trips.

When is it shipping? Any idea?

Mussst shiiiip nooooowwwww. Deer camp is waiting. FEMA Relocation Center is also out of fresh cots. When is this crappola shipping boys? Don’t make me rob catholic charities.

So I am not the only one waiting for shipping confirmation. Anyone have an update or some pertinent info?

You should see shipping info very soon. Today was the 4th business day after the sale.

I hope it ships soon. One of the reasons I bought it is I figured I would receive by the 2nd to have it for deer camp out in Colorado this year.


6th business day… no shippy…

just received shipment notice from the woot bot

Me too… Of course no info available yet, but tracking received!!
Edit: Just checked again >>received in Irving, scheduled for delivery 10/28.

No shipping conformation yet. :frowning:

Still not shipped?! That’s it, I’m coming down there. During my journey I will sleep comfortably on my new cot by Slumberj…damn it!

c’mon ship it already!!

I got the shipping notice today but it was delivered yesterday.

I got them today then about an hour later got the notice they shipped. Not unusual for Woot. They are here I’m happy.

I put one together, man it’s a bugger to get set up, but tight as a drum. Heavy duty it seems these are nice quality.