Slumberjack Telluride 30 Sleeping Bag

I bought one of these last week from Sport WOOT! and used it over thee weekend in high 40 degree temps. It kept me warm and it was quite comfortable. With all warmer temp bags, you’ll get less padding so, a sleeping pad become more important for comfort.

Oh, I’m a slumberjack and I’m okay. I w00t all night and I sleep all day… in my Slumberjack Telluride 30 Sleeping Bag!

A quick google search shows you can purchase this cheaper even after shipping charges.

Edit - I was mistaken and the cheaper bag is the short, which is only 5’6" long. This bag is 6’6" long.

I’m surprised you didn’t post a link along with that, you know we all love a good deal!

My God…He’s right. You can find it cheaper. Thanks. I was close to pulling the trigger.

I was not sure that I am allowed to post links, which is why I indicated a Google search, it shows right up. Am I allowed to post links?

I think my google is broken. I can’t find the long version for cheaper. link?

You are correct…I did not realize there was a short version, which is what I saw on Google. My bad, this looks to be a decent deal on the long version.

I will adjust my post above to not persuade individuals against purchasing.

Yeah there’s a used one on ebay for less.

I’ve used a bag like this to double up with a mummy bag when camping in minus double-digit weather.

I checked Google shopping, and can’t find a long one any cheaper than it is here.

Looks comfy for woot offs!