Small Game Hunter

“Some men hunt for sport,
Others hunt for food,
The only thing I’m hunting for,
Is an outfit that looks good…”

What’s on the plaque on the right?

Ok, Toy Story Alien pipe…Ewok slippers…Alf rug…Marvin the Martian and ET on the wall, but what’s the 3rd? And am I missing something else?

edit: mystery solved below

Oh my… I do believe I must have one of these.

victims would be E.T, Marvin the Martian, Alf, Ewok, Arcade aliens on Toy Story.

Just don’t know the rightmost characters… from Men in Black?

The Worms.

Brilliant design! Great job!

yepyepyep uh huh uh huh - from Sesame street, no?

ah, k

Hmm… now I’m not sure, it could go either way.

Great to see a long-sleeve option! I believe this is the first time that it’s been offered as an option on a Daily shirt.

Congratulations on the print, Robbie!

Is the necklace the tiniest game of all?

Remember to choose the $5 next day shipping if you want it in time for Christmas.

I take back the yipyip comment that was previously in this space. After watching the video I embedded, I’ll go with the MIB worms again. I will not be swayed from this opinion other than an official statement :stuck_out_tongue:

When he goes out for a hunt, the victims offer themselves up.

He once fought Arnold Schwarzenegger, but let him win.

When Captain Kirk needs woman advice, he calls him.

He is the most interesting Predator in the world.

“I don’t always make trophies of my kills, but when I do, I take their heads afterwards…Stay evil my friends.”

Congrats Robbie Lee!!

I love how refined the Predator is, right down to this beautiful brocade on his smoking jacket. I wonder if he is a bandy or scotch guy? And what do you get him Christmas?

Took 17 minutes, but just would like to point out the typo because I’m that guy. “Facing difficult tasks if overrated.”


Yes the Men in Black worm aliens are on the right.