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I see the vitamix blender comes with a 90 woot warranty. Can anyone answer whether the blender is eligible for Vitamix’s 7year warranty? Tough to drop car payment money on something that only comes with a 90day non manufacturer warranty.

Does the chilled iced coffee maker actually brew it cold or hot? Seems like it implies that it’s brewed hot, which it requires ice in the pitcher. That’s not the true way to make cold coffee. That will give you watered down coffee…

Lotta blenders, and yet no magic bullet! Those are the best bar none

I’ve searched far and wide for a solid answer to the vitamix warranty question and have yet to be convinced either way. The vitamix website doesn’t state anything about not honoring warranties from unauthorized sellers and others have had success with registering the product on their website.

Since these are NEW products and not “seller refurbished” (as opposed to manufacturer refurbished), I felt a little more comfortable with taking the plunge.

You can read the fine print at:

The only thing that is prohibited is reselling, though since gifting keeps the warranty it’s more lip service than anything else.

Sort of a reply above.

Thank you very much for the information.

Anyone have any opinions on the Ninja 3-in-1? Ratings on Amazon seem fairly positive but any thoughts from wooters would be appreciated.

I have a different model Ninja, but I’ve been VERY happy with it. I make smoothies with whole fruits/veggies and whole ice cubes in less than a minute.

The Breville coffee maker is really plaqued with design and quality issues. Lot’s of bad reviews at Amazon!®+Drip+Coffee+Maker

The convection oven is 99 bucks brand new from Oster…

Anyone else get the Cuisinart coffee grinder+brewer and find that it didn’t come with a permanent filter like it said it would? Contacted support, no response…

Edit: just heard back, nevermind…