Smaller LCD Monitors.

Does anyone sell smaller LCD’s anymore? I used to have a 15" that did 1024x768 but it died. It worked great for my test bench, but now I’ve got a 15" crt up there and the cats are pissed off because its chowing up their hang out space. Plus it chows up alot of actual work space. I guess I wouldn’t mind getting a 17" but even those are sparse anymore. Troll graigslist for a 15" ? :stuck_out_tongue: Haven’t seen seen any small monitors during wootoffs for a while. :frowning:

Newegg is a great place to look.

Here’s a few 15" monitors:"

And some that are 17":"

Amazon has one for under $110 with free shipping

Avoid independent computer stores that sell them used for $20-50 since a lot of them suffer from bad pixels and other issues. Especially Dell monitors.

Holy bejesus the newegg ones are spendy. I guess I was just looking for a cheap one for bench testing stuff. For that price I guess I’d snag a 17" :slight_smile: Guess I’ll do some black friday hunting.

If you just need it for test bench stuff, look at refurbished monitors, like these

I heard that Best Buy and Walmart are selling 20 inch LCD monitors for like 80 bucks on Friday. Try looking at their websites before Friday.