Smart Ass

SO many people deserving of this shirt.

Other than the E=MC^2 part, I have no clue what the other writings are. Does that make me a dumb ass? No need to answer that!

Awesome shirt!!

Not your fault. Stupid shirt! Everything else is numerical non-sequitur.

Your write up was funny, but it claims that 5 genuine donkey breeds are listed. Nope. Only 4 are genuine, the Nubian Wild Ass, the Berry Grey, the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, and the American Mammoth Jack.

Maybe one of the bogus breeds kicked another breed out and took it’s place. On Woot, anything can happen…

: (

Just got a refund issued for this shirt - did woot run out of shirts to fulfill orders placed or something?? No explanation was given as to why an “order adjustment” was made …

This is the first actual shirt I’ve bought in almost 6 months (between the crappy exchange rate, and woot charging $10 shipping per different sale type, the large number of which really annoys me), and now it seems my order has just been cancelled?? So unhappy!!!

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. I looked at the order and the reason is noted as “refused”. That means the packaged ended up back with us. We don’t reship packages that are returned.

Is there some way for me to get any additional details on this? I wasn’t provided with any shipping info, so I don’t know when it was supposed to have arrived, but there’s no way it was refused at the door (or at the box where all of our orders always get dropped) since we had two other woot packages arrive within the past week or so, including the other half of this same order. I’d be happy to contact the shipper to ask them WTF if I had any details to go on.

Unfortunately, international orders do not have tracking. :frowning:

Okay, thanks anyway!