Smart Fountain

Bought this last time it was on woot probably 6-9 months ago. It has been great - kitty loves it. You do have to disassemble it and clean everything once every few months, but it is fairly easy to do so and usually lines up with a filter change.

The filter change light is more or less always on, but it doesn’t bother me at all - it seems to just be based on a timer. If you are the kind of person who would be annoyed by this then just FYI. Everything else about this product seems flawless and it holds enough water that I only have to fill it every few weeks.

Are you pressing the reset button? On one of mine, the light was staying on but when I unplugged it a couple of days it settled down so it responded to the reset button.

I do appreciate the low water warning (the blue glow) that lets me know when I need to seriously refill the reservoirs.
I agree, my cats love it – in particular the one who is utterly fascinated by water. When she hears it turn on she runs over to play with it a bit, so we need to refill rather more frequently than you seem to, but we also have 7 cats.