Smart Garage Door Opener or Flood Light

Smart Garage Door Opener or Flood Light

I bought the garage door opener here the last time it was available.

I did have some issues but were able to work them out.

The main issue was the wi-fi from this unit blocked my factory openers. I ended up placing the new unit at the back of the garage and that fixed the issue.

Also, the SD option was not as expected. I did take advantage of a holiday offer for the cloud service.

The app and features are not a good as Ring. Also, Ring has a desktop app, this one does not.

I do like having this and at this price, I still think it is worth it.


FYI, the garage door opener does not appear to work with Alexa, Google, etc. Or IFTTT for that matter.

Does the garage door work with 2 different doors / openers?

Can I still save/replay video from the SD card and not have to be involved or pay for anything cloud related?

40% 1 Star ratings on the Mother-ship (for the light). No thanks!

I found this on page 17 of the manual linked in the features:

Note: Niro is capable of being connected to two garage
door openers. If you have a second garage door opener
you want to connect to Niro, follow the same process as
the first and connect the wires to the 3rd and 4th terminals
on the back of the Niro device.


Micro-SD Card Storage
If you’d prefer not to use a cloud based storage
subscription plan, you can opt to use your own micro-SD
card (up to 128GB) instead.

Insert the micro-SD card into Niro’s micro-SD slot on the
side of the camera. Then go into camera settings page in
the app and tap ‘Format Card’ at the bottom of the screen.
The app will automatically record events and camera
photos you take directly into the micro-SD card.

Once the memory capacity has been reached on the card,
the new recording will loop over and begin to overwrite the
earliest saved recordings.

There’s more info in the linked manual.

The main issue was the wi-fi from this unit blocked my factory openers.

Yep same issue here. Other than that its been great for what i paid for.

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Yes, it can operate two garage openers.

They now offer free 24hours of cloud storage. That is, your videos are available for 24 hours in the cloud. Afer which the videos get overwritten. You can go cloud-free, but getting to the videos on the SD card takes about 5 or 6 clicks. Annoying but it is possible.

The opener interfered with my car homelink opener and the remote opener. I have disconnected the device until I can place it in a different spot so it wont interfere with the other openers.

Of late, its been having connectivity issues with random disconnects from WiFi. Each disconnect requires a manual process to connect it back which is tiresome. I am hoping when I move it to a new spot this problem will be resolved.

Have two of these. In one garage, it doesn’t seem to interfere with the Homelink opener as much or at all. In the other garage, it seems to mess with the opener consistently. However, that’s the garage furthest from the WiFi router and the garage that has the Rachio Sprinkler controller (also using WiFi) in it. I’m going to try moving it around to see if I can alleviate that issue.

Other issue, is these tend to pick up noise as an event a lot. So, every Monday when the trash gets picked up, I know it and if there’s a really windy day, I’m changing the rules so it doesn’t alert me to every gust of wind that hits the garage door.

This unit phones home whenever I raise or lower my garage door? O my… No thanks!

? Seriously? Maybe a setting?

Any idea how resistant to cold this is? My current motion light just died due to sub zero temps.

I want to get this and have a routine on Alexa so when I say “open seaseme”, it opens my garage door.

How do I convince the Mrs?

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I am returning mine Garage Door Opener Camera. It would not pair with my home WiFi. There are a lot of complaints about this very issue even on Amazon. The momentum website says download the newest firmware to fix that issue…I tried that too with no luck. I have been back and forth with momentum technical support through email and they haven’t offered any explanation about this issue. Apparently it has issues with dual band Wifi network and the tech manual mentions it as well.