Smart Garage Door Opener or Flood Light

Smart Garage Door Opener or Flood Light

Wow the Amazon reviews of these products are astoundingly bad. I’m glad I checked.

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any relation to Westinghouse? looks like their symbol, but upside down.

Have two of the garage openers. Only issue I had was with it interfering with the garage door opener signal which was easily remedied by moving it back a bit. After that it has worked fine.

I think the app works a bit funky, but you set it up once and never have to do that again, so not much of a problem. I did pair it with my guest network, so maybe connection issues other people have had, I didn’t run into.

The floodlight looks interesting, but it does not talk about the light in the manual. I assume the light is motion triggered? The light I have now, I can toggle the switch quickly to make it stay on until I toggle the switch again. This is an extremely useful feature for when I am taking out trash, letting the dogs out, etc. I do not want to give that up. Does anyone know if this light has a similar feature?