Smart Planet Lunch: BYOL

Maybe its just me but the are VERY overpriced IMO. You can pick up cheap ziplock tupperware and they have compartments also! Wow

Well, they are cheap compared to their pricing for one on Amazon.

They are microwaveable and dishwasher safe, when you heat them up in the microwave you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

They store real nice, especially if you have limited space. I got a multi set a long time ago on woot that include a two wall cup, reusable coffee cup, flat water bottle, one compartment square and a three compartment square.

I have been thinking of getting some more, just don’t want 4. I might buy a set and give away a couple for presents.

BJ’s have these for $9.99

I have gotten a number of these and really like them. I recently took one of the rectangular ones on trip to Hawaii and was able to buy fruit in a farmer’s market and keep it fresh in the container. When it was all gone, I rinsed & collapsed the container and put it in my backpack, taking up almost no room. Same for lunches to work and school. They are easy to clean and when not in use take up minimal room. My only complaint is that the little stoppers for the condiment area on the lids tend to come off. I would not put liquids in them. Otherwise, I think they are great and stocked up with several sizes and shapes on this woot.