Smart Planet Lunch

Looking at the salad bowls – sure would be nice if the specs included the capacity, and not just the measurements! Same thing for the lunch box. I’d like to compare them with the containers we use currently.

BTW, hilarious juxtaposition of an ad on this page – right under the picture of the salad bowls I had an ad featuring a nice, pink, composting toilet! As if I needed any reminder that no matter how nice a salad I make for lunch, all is vanity…

The Smart Planet EC-34SSB4PK Soup / Salad Bowl, 4-Pack?

Features, 4th bullet:
Holds up to 3 cups when fully expanded

I watched the buyer measure it personally. It held 3 cups of water.

I’m afraid the not-dishwasher-safe lid is a deal breaker. :frowning:

How well does the dressing compartment seal? Do I need to worry about leaks if I throw it in my backpack?

Got one of these from TJ Max for $10 (saw them at Ross later too) - I really like mine, although if I could change one thing, it’d be for the compartment to be removable so I could microwave just one of them. I love that it’ll break down and pop in to my messenger bag, and people always comment on my super awesomesauce lunch box at work :slight_smile:

The cup seals pretty well, but the concept itself needs some work. It doesn’t hold very much sauce/dressing, and is awkward to dump on salad. I personally usually use a salad dressing cup that came with a different lunch box. But the box itself is great.

I got this on a prior deal from woot. The lids wash just fine on the top rack.

IF these are going to be touted as lunch containers…why do they not sell them in groups of 5??? Just sayin’.

Yes, but that’s the ONLY description that includes capacity. What about all the other containers?

Exactly what I was thinking! It’s like the hot dogs and hot dog buns, they never match!

Maybe Woot! thinks you should buy lunch of Fridays?

“Made in China.” Meh. I don’t need it badly enough. Will keep buying American when and where I can, tyvm.


Our buyer has taken her trusty measuring cup and filled up all the containers. The results of this unscientific experiment have been added to the sale.

In other words, you now have capacity measurements to look at.

Are these the same as these on Amazon?

Because I’m not seeing the best reviews in the world :frowning: I really love the concept of these, but how do they hold up? I’m seeing complaints about the rubber gasket not being able to truly seal and some have complained about it collapsing in on itself while still containing food.

Lunches don’t always consist of a sandwich; how would it hold up to saucy pastas, juicy steaks? Or something like that? How about longevity? Some complained about only getting 4 uses! That’s nutters.