Smart Stone – 8 Pack

Good, I need something smarter than my pet rock!

Are these Mac compatible? I don’t see a USB port, so I’m assuming they’re wireless?

These are much better than the natural rocks in my backyard because these are recyclable.

But how will woot come up with good deals for yet another site? The answer: Fake Rocks. Yeah, baby!

I’m pretty sure you can recycle regular rocks too… Like through a window, or just reusing the rock as a rock…

If you need a rock with a usb cable to hook up to your Mac.

Do these interlock together? In other words can a larger surface be made by laying these right up next to each other?

This offer is solid.

Rock Solid.

My delivery many is going to just love me for having 16 pounds of rocks delivered to my house.

No mom, I’m getting stones! Not stoned… In fact they’re smart stones! Just don’t ask about Mr. Beer, OK?

$20.88 from Sam’s Club, so not that great a savings

Definitely a Rockstar! In for 3!

Anyone have these? Trying to find a cheap solution for slipping in my wet grass - but wet plastic might not be any better?

yeah, but that price is only for five pieces, not 8 as in this offer

Absolutely. Just bury your Mac underneath the Smart Stone and they’ll communicate wirelessly. The wetter the ground is, the better the communication. Trust me.

You need to buy 3 so he can get an even better workout.

You are correct, good catch ! Okay, I take it back, sounds like a good deal :slight_smile:

Made my day with this one!

mine too