Smart Stone – 8 Pack

Landing pads for your Woot! helicopter!

I wonder if these are slippery when they get wet
Seem like they might move around because of their weight.

Can these be used as siding? I want to build a castle.

These look perfect for that itchy-bottomed Chihuahua.

These are light-weight enough that I can carry a stack with me outside after it rains and not risk getting my $120 gardening boots all icky. I see a muddy patch I toss one down and hop on over. I wouldn’t get very far with fewer than three packs… so BRING IT!!! (Bring THEM?)

I have one of these that I bought for my back deck landing. It works well, isn’t too slippery when wet (hyuck hyuck hyuck), and generally looks like a rock.

It does rock a bit back and forth unnaturally when stepped on, but that might be more a result of my poor placement than the “rock” itself.

Overally, it gets a 80% from me. Not really a real rock but a fair enough environmental replacement.


What does that even mean??

Why would you spend that much on boots for gardening (which involves lots of dirt) that you don’t want to get dirty. That really doesn’t make any sense at all.

About $2.25 per stepping stone (not including $5 shipping because if you went and bought this on your own you would pay much more in gas, drive-time, shop-time, standing-in-line-time…so for $5 delivery its value is easily recognized, as it is the postman who lugs the 16 pounds per box load). Sweet. Pick up a triple load and really make this deal pay for itself. Simplify, beautify, wootify!

Looks like they might be hollow. You could sort of dig them in so that they didn’t move. Tops seem to be textured enough to help avoid slippage.

Reviews from QVC do say they’re slippery when wet.

They sell these at Menards (midwestern Home Depot-like place).

I think they look really fake. And I can’t imagine they’d hold up terribly well to UV rays, lawn mowers, etc. Plastic fake rock tends to look like, well, plastic fake rock to me.

oh god, I pray that statement was meant as humor, if not, humanity is doomed.

Sure, and one of the reviewers was honest about having rubber soles. But hey, if a QVC shopper said they’re slippery when wet, well then…there you have it. It must be true. cough ack :wink:

Ah. So THAT’S what Tim Curry was talking about.

The above QVC link does have a picture of the hollowed out bottom, in case anybody wanted to see the bottom of the “rock”
I still don’t understand the point of a fake rock though.

2 lbs is not very heavy, a strong wind may pick them up and toss them around. I wonder if they can be turned upside down and filled with concrete, so as to make them heavier?

I am thinking of ordering some so at delivery time I can watch the postman ‘get my rocks off’.

:meh: :omg:

I think my two German shepherd puppies (100 lbs each) would find these as great chew toys outside. I think I’ll look for something like a real ROCK stepping stone & if I have to recycle, they can be carried to the front yard…haha