Smart Watch- Hands Free Calls/Activity/Vitals

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Smart Watch- Hands Free Calls/Activity/Vitals
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Is this just for Android or will it work with iPhone 6?

This says it has a sim slot. Do we know carriers and freq?. Assuming just GSM carriers.

Hard to say. They don’t say what OS it’s running on the watch anywhere that I can find.

If it was running WearOS (Android), I’d say it’d be a no brainer for the price. At least to experiment with. I use a WearOS watch with an iOS phone every day because I didn’t want a square watch face. It does everything I need it to do.

Am I reading that correctly, it only has one day of battery life when in use?

That’s fairly typical for watches with a full color display. 2 full days is doing really well. The watch I use has an always-on screen for the time, which I absolutely love and it’s about a day and a half max. I just put it on the charger with my phone on my nightstand every night. Don’t find it to be an issue.

Looks identical to this posting (one of many) on eBay:

Is this just using the same picture, or are they actually the same product? On eBay it’s selling for $4-$10 with free shipping (which probably tells you how much it’s actually worth.)

In a rush to get the next fad out on the market, just about every company who is a company pushed one of these out. I have a Sony smart watch. Requires charging ever few days. If I use it for what it can do, every 1 to 2 days, it needs to plug in for juice.

I have a Sony smart watch. If I turn on EVERYTHING, it last about 2 days. I don’t even wear my fit watch anymore either, got tired of having to charge it ever other day. I’m back to wearing my Suunto core. When these things have build in charging and/or solar faces, they fit make it past the FAD phase and be useful.

Can someone explain how this watch can measure blood pressure? It states on the screen, “Start” on the screen. How would it even be close to being accurate?

Yeah, IF it’s capable of giving you a reading, there isn’t a chance in hell it’s accurate. Manufacturers have only recently announced smart watches capable of providing medical-grade accuracy for BP monitoring. Nothing has hit the market yet that I’m aware of. They use a strap that inflates itself and their predicted cost is more than 10x this watch’s price.

It would be more accurate to say it monitors changes in blood pressure.

Good morning all.

From the vendor:

It works with both iOS and Android.

It accepts all carriers that use SIM cards.

I briefly had a phone app that claimed to measure BP, by placing a finger over the camera lens and shining the light through the skin. it was . . . semi-accurate, but only after I calibrated it against a real BP Cuff. While it seemed to measure reasonably consistently, it never got 100% to what the BP Cuff would measure. It was useful in noting extreme changes, but it was not something I wanted to rely on for true health monitoring.

It might be a true Android watch (as opposed to WearOS) which means the OS is older and comes without the usual Google watch apps. Of which Google assistant is the most useful IMO.

Google Apps can not be loaded onto this fork of Android Wear, nor can one use the Google App Store.

Since it makes no mention of Google in the features or Specs tabs, I would assume that it is not Android Wear or WearOS.

You will get what you pay for. Fine for very basic smartwatch functions already built in, but not something from which to expect years of service, or exploring just what a smartwatch can do for your life.

So if I want to use it with my IOS phone I need to get a second sim card and pay for another device through my carrier?

With WearOS, you download the WearOS app onto your iOS device which allows it to push notifications and such over bluetooth. I would assume this works similarly. Shouldn’t need a SIM and extra device plan with your carrier unless you want to make and receive calls on the watch directly.

I wonder if this sends your data to a server in China/Russa/NorKo like that other inexpensive smart watch does (via app) . . .

My Fenix 3 will go a week until it needs a charge…it all colored also…

It starts with a baseline avg. for a 40yo male, then each time you press a button and it does nothing, it jumps three points. It continues to count until there is at least a 1 minute delay, then tells you that you have HBP.

Simple as an old TI Calculator