Smart Watch- Hands Free Calls/Activity/Vitals

There are three SIM sizes. Doubt it would take a regular SIM, but either a Micro or Nano. Can you check?

BTW - AT&T will give you a free SIM and add this to your plan for $5/mo. or $15/mo. stand alone.

That being said, I found I almost NEVER use my watches as stand alone phones even though AT&T has free NumberSync. So save your money. It’s a FAD.

the ad says “Heart Rate/Blood Pressure” I see the heart rate, but no blood pressure??

Hi there. Did you find it. The vendor sent us this helpful (I hope) photo:

I tried downloading their app for android and the QR code points to a non-existant app. Anyone get this thing to connect to an Android phone?

Haven’t been able to get mine to connect to Android either.

Isn’t there supposed to be a sim card port on this? I don’t see one. It may be hidden?

Hey all! Here’s the android App:

To access the SIM & SD card slot, use a coin to pop off the backing plate of the watch. The SIM is under the battery.

Oh duh, thank you!

Getting about 7 hours on battery life with minimal usage. Hate that sound is connected to the phone if connected to BT without the volume turned all the way off, it plays music from my wrist. I think I am going to write this one off as a bust.