Smarter Than The Average Bear

What’s it say? I can’t read math!

Yup-- the math all checks out.

[I actually have no idea, but I’m sure Ian-S did his homework.]

His favorite mathimatical constant is pi

Where’s the pic a nic basket?

Is it sad that I actually understand this math? :frowning:

Bear claws - delicious.

“And that’s how you snatch the pic-a-nic basket. Any questions, Boo-Boo?”

Okay, I came up with my own Wear this shirt, but yours was way better. You guys are frustratingly clever sometimes, Woot writers.

this is horrible… who will actually wear this? i’m sorry, i’m not usually mean… but 'cmon!!

Haha, differential equations. i think I’m taking this class in the fall.

why are you integrating from 1 to x with respect to x? Oh wait, nevermind, that is 1 over x.
Edit: I can’t read half of it. resolution is too low.

shouldn’t he be having trouble with calculus since he doesn’t brush his teeth. Get it dental calculus? Ugh…

But Yogi, I don’t want to go to school today!

“Yes. Don’t you mean the pi-ca-nic basket?”

So that’s how they almost outsmarted the ranger all those years!

cool for school

Imagine getting called out by a fellow math enthusiast while wearing this shirt and you have no clue what the problem means. I still wouldn’t wear it though. Way too nerdcore imo.

Well, this makes me glad that I’m doing biology. I can study the bear and forget the math.

Why are all the good shirts fucking green. I have like 10 green ones. I would buy if not green! FUCK!