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i think needs new slogans

SmartParts 1.5" Digital Picture Frame Keychain [New] - $1.99 + $5 shipping

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A couple of unhappy reviewers on Amazon

Does anybody have one of these and if so, what do you think of it?

Does it display pictures continuously? Does it show just one picture, or can it do an automatic slide show?

Here’s why I ask - my girlfriend has a doll house and not a toy, but a miniature, like this: I’d like to rip out the battery, hook it up to a DC power supply and make a small wood case for it so that it looks like an old 1950-60’s TV. I’d then load up the unit with frames from old TV shows, like Howdy Doody or the Mickey Mouse Club.

According to the User Manual, which is very tiny and hard to read, you CAN play a slideshow on the device… up to 100 photos…

What is that tiny image? a fanny pack? a pocket? I just can’t tell.

whats with all the negative space?

Hey, it’s just like the keychain!

These don’t have the greatest reviews. Oh well!

For less than $2, I’m in for 3. I will probably just stick them on top of gifts for Moms or friends

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