SmartParts 1.5" Digital Picture Frame Keychain

All kinds of junk this morning…



This should come with a magnifying glass.

A bit too high on the price for me…

IN FOR THREE! Although I do not want nor need these… but I got to use my coupon…

I think I’ll attach these to the three wedding cards I have to give this fall…

edit: I LOVE the replacement words that woot put in here. Thanks!


My local Sears had/has these on clearance for $1.

Buy this for the trash bin… WOOT, this is what BOCs are for remember? c’mon

I hope there’s only three of these so we can get on with our lives.

These are $1 @ Target.

Bet we’re going to be seeing a lot of these in someone’s bag of carp later on.

13% of wooters bought one of these items.

They’re 0.49 apiece, people. Buy three POS if you’re going to buy one.

it’s sad when shipping/handling is more than the item itself.

Woohoo! Cheap USB cables!

here’s the product page…

… ahh the joys of looking at pictures of your children on a 128x128 display, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

because i always wanted to look at pictures ive taken on a 1.5" keychain…

Load it up with pictures of you and give it to Grandma. She will love you for it. There might even be a cheek pinch in it for you.