Smartparts 12.1” Digital Picture Frame

Anyone know the resolution?

first! Is this thing broken? Where is everyone?

Is this thing on?!?

The average net selling price for this is $79.95 with free shipping, so this is a pretty good deal.

1280 * 800

800 x 480 according to amazon

800 x 600 LCD Screen

Yeah, they should have edited the image to show a picture of a bag of crap being displayed on the frame. It is a nice frame for the price. I like the black wood finish.

Guess everyone went back to bed…or coffee break…

Mornin’ ya’ll!! :o)

My digital photo frame just broke and I want to get a new one. However since the one that broke was a Smartpants I think I will pass on this one.

Any idea when we get to the random crap?

Nice pictorial of the Picture Frame. Really enjoy how the sequence flows from front to back…Hey, you wanted a post.

The one at Amazon is a different model with 128 MB internal memory and a different frame. The image of the box shown here on Woot shows 1280x800.

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Thanks, I was gonna pass. For the price I think i’ll give it a shot.


if kayboss is action girl due to the action figures what does that make dseisler since she got a pallet of crap, we can’t dub her crap girl that would be wrong.

I have 2 of these that I picked up from Costco, this is at least half the price I paid. In for another one for my desk at work!

Don’t most of these digital picture frames break if you look at 'em cross-eyed? They should concentrate on making them more reliable, rather than just dropping the price.