Smartparts 7” Digital Picture Frame

Apparently 1 inch is worth Fifteen Bucks

Uhhhhh. Sum ting funny goin on there.

what in the what?

do i have to keep the picture of the half naked dudes on the frame?

Um, no.

The picture is yucky.

The pic on the front makes it look gay.

No not Buns of Conan…

Just when you think the ‘supermodel’ is weird, Woot does THIS.

Smart Parts, p-tooey.

I bought the 8" version. Worked great the first time I used it. Wouldn’t even turn on the second time a few weeks later.

If the picture of the hunky men came with it, I’d buy it.

This isn’t a Woot! It’s a Woof!


Can someone enlighten me please? Does the B@G of CR@P come up at the end of the woot-off or what?

That’s what she said.

If I buy this picture frame, do I get my choice of shirtless man to come with it?

You know what? Just skip the other articles of clothing as well, thanks.

review not bad 69.99 at amazon

Man love on woot? Are they married? Should I buy them a rumba?


Oh good, I hope it comes with all the greco roman wrestling pictures!