Smartparts 8” LCD Picture Frame Woot Info Post
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Smartparts 8” LCD Picture Frame [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Smartparts SP800B 8” Digital Picture Frame with 128mb Memory

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here’s the product website

don’t buy these, there selling lots of these photo frames on the woot off!

i thought the frame was called smartpants

As you can tell from the image this photo frame ROCKS!

nice online tutorial

and it’s $53.43 over at amazon

and for good measure, a previous woot

How long til first sports team reference? (I learned recently a team apparently considers the “rawk” hand gesture as their own.)

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I bought this in a previous wooting for $34.99. I don’t understand why it would be $5 more months later. I’d buy more if the price weren’t higher than last time. What gives woot?

As for the frame, it works well and looks good. The only con I have with it is there is no built-in way to hang it. You’d have to add picture hanging hardware to the wood frame.

The review on Amazon scares me =(

Why make it look like a nice frame and then drill a hole for the remote receiver right under the screen? Epic fail!

What! It’s NOT called “Smartpants”? In that case, forget it, I’m not buying it

Hook 'em Horns!!!

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The exact same model is on sale now at Yugster for $35.97 (plus $6 shipping) if you’re a Yugster member. If you’re not a member, it will be on sale in about 3.5 hours.

There are three things that set this frame apart from the competition:

  1. Resolution, especially for the price. This is 800x600, while most of the other brands are lower. 640x480 isn’t all that bad, but some are as low as 320x234! If the manufacturer doesn’t provide the resolution, assume it’s because they are too ashamed to do so.

  2. It’s not widescreen! Your digital camera doesn’t take widescreen photos, so why do most digital picture frames have a widescreen display? The widescreen frames crop the top and bottom of non-widescreen images, so pictures of people tend to be missing the tops of the people’s heads.

  3. Opti Pix Pro. This included Windows software allows you to select pictures from your computer, then it automatically resizes them to 800x600 and copies them to the frame. Because of this, you can fit over 2,000 images in the frame’s 128MB of flash. The software is also built into the frame; if you insert a memory card from your camera, you can select the “transcoding” option to convert the selected photos to 800x600 before copying them into the frame’s flash.

I bought one of these for my mother two or three years ago, and it’s been on and working flawlessly ever since. I picked up another one for myself the last time they were on Woot (at about a fourth of the price I paid for the first one). I highly recommend these.

I bought three of these Smartpart 8" frames in a Woot several months ago. All three had a similar problem; if you turned them off for any reason, they would not come back on. When that happens, I have to put them in my freezer for about 15-20 minutes to get them to turn on again. I’m still using two of them, the third one died beyond recovery last month. I never turn them off unless I need to to change the images, and then I know I’ll have to toss 'em in the freezer again. Another thing about these frames that troubled me, they will play AVI or DivX files with the AVI extension, but they will not play the audio from the AVI. Kind of silly, since they play MP3’s. So, buyer beware.

Yeah, I have to assume these frames with the contrasting color matte with the obvious IR receiver are done that way to cut costs. I have several frames with remotes/IR receivers, but they all manage to blend the receiver into the frame so it looks like a standard picture frame, not like HAL is watching you.

According to the manual, the frame is only designed to play Motion JPEG AVI files (the kind that most digital cameras take) as well as MPEG-1. As far as the audio, they only specify that MP3 and WMA are supported, so most other formats are not supported. The problem is that this is a picture frame, not a PC where you can download endless codecs to play any video or audio format. However, you could easily use a PC to transcode your files to formats that the frame can play.