Smartphone LensKit - 3 Pack

$24.71 at Amazon with free Shipping…

And not reviewed well at all…

Yeah, there are about a jillion other lense kits cheaper and better reviewed. Problem seems to be the mag mount on this one. Clip types are reviewed a little better.

Is this three sets of lenses or just three lenses?

I have magnet mount type on my iPhone.

If you don’t have a protective case on your phone, it works fine.

If you do want a case, well, then you have a problem.

yes agreed always check the Amazon reviews ! after all Woot is now Amazons clearing house ! :slight_smile:

just one set of three ! they like misleading people with the picture of three boxes lol !
I almost bought this Crap until I read the reviews !
I bet there will be a lot of these going out in Bandoleers of Carrots next round !
old timers reference: Bandoleer of Carrots… ahh yes the good ole days ! lol :slight_smile:

EDIT: actually this is a three pack of each of the three lenses. So you will indeed get a total of 9 lenses!

Tested my phone with a magnet, it won’t stick to a HTC 4G-LTE phone around the lens area…
This is for Apple-crap?

Looks like it comes with a metal phone ring that you attach to your phone. The lenses attach to that. See the pics and features:

*Simply attach the magnetic ring included directly onto your phone, around the camera lens. *

Thanks TT

I spent the extra money when I got my iPhone 6+ for this well worth the money, slips off and on with easy.

Soooo, I’m thinking that since the “lens” on my Galaxy Note 4 is a square glass, the little ring won’t fit correctly around it - correct?

Just received mine today for my S5 which has the same square glass. Now I have a three pack of lenses that aren’t compatible with my phone. Well at least they were cheap.

Having bought one and received it, I can attest that it is 3 sets of the exact same lenses.

And all three sets are disappointing. Next time I’ll check the reviews first.