SmartPlanet 5-Piece Survival Set

…Like zombie survival?

I don’t get it.

i like the fact that it would probably fit in my cabinets better than my current tupperware/etc. … i just don’t think my food would fit in them…

Novel, no doubt, but calling it a “survival set” is quite a stretch. That’s almost as bad as selling regular pocket knives as zombie defense tools.

I do wonder what’s the long-term durability of the folding parts too. If it’s anything like those plastic “live hinge” storage boxes, that plastic eventually breaks.

The little comment below the picture on the main page reminds me of Captain Planet. =)

I have the largest container. It is spectacular for taking to-go meals for our toddler to restaurants, etc. It separates the hots from the colds and seals very well. She loves the attached spoon/fork as well.

Can this help me survive a zombie apocalypse?

As long as you avoid zombies, yes.

Small lunch box: $13.99

Large lunch box: $17.99

Coffee cup: $9.99

Water bottle: $7.99

Cold drink cup: $9.99

vs. $19.99 for the whole kit and kaboodle (before shipping).

that’s what I’m worried about too. Anyone know how much food would fit in there?

Actually, I think I found the zombie survival part! Well, it’s survival for at least one of the zombies

I’m sure it’ll keep any leftover brains fresh too, however.

What kind of space-age material is the coffee cup made of, that is dishwasher and microwave safe yet also biodegradable?

From Amazon (4 stars, 55 reviews, $8.90) re: the cold drink cup
“sturdy BPA-free plastic”

Trying to find out the materials of the other products, but might be reasonable to extrapolate.

Edit: for the coffee cup, from the product page listed above

“Made with Biodegradable & Recycled materials.
Materials will biodegrade in 5 years when they are disposed in a landfill (other plastics are in good condition after 100 years in a landfill!).
Double wall construction keeps your drink hot and your hands cool!
Matching silicone sleeve and bottom make the cup slip resistant in your hand and on a flat surface.
Available with either snap-on or screw-on lid.
100% BPA Free.”

my biggest problem with this? lunchmeat and cheese on cinnamon raisin bread. gross.

For those concerned about capacity, it can hold a lot of food when expanded to full size. I would say it gets to the size of a standard cereal bowl plus two teacups if that gives you some idea. Be sure to look at the picture of them expanded.

I second that.

My second biggest problem: little to no information on the materials from which the lunch box lids and the coffee cup itself (not the sleeve) are made.

Also, what are the measurements on the lunchboxes, open and collapsed?

Details, Woot, I need details.

I have one of these cold cups, and the coffee cup. I got them for $4.99 each and I use them both all.the.time. My coffee shop gives a free shot if you bring in your own cup so I try to use mine as much as possible. The cold cup works great, I use my own leftover cold coffee at home to make iced coffee in the afternoon with it. Seems like a pretty good deal for this set. The multi-compartment container would be fantastic for our summer day long rafting trips to keep a sandwich and some snacks dry in a backpack. Might have to invest.

Home.Woot continues to impress (besides Wine.Woot)!

I have used (some) of the items in this kit for a while. I have the lunchboxes and the coffee cups. Many colleagues have seen and commented, and many of them have their own sets now.

I can attest to the quality of this kit; the plastic is soft but sturdy, and I can see this last for a while. I have had mine, used almost daily for a year or so, and there is no sign of breakage. The size is good for lunch, perfect even.

If you look at the image with the sandwich in there, it’s accurate. Even the smaller lunchbox would fit a good size stirfry with rice or pasta dish; more than enough food to give you a post-lunch coma.

Don’t worry about that. And at this price? Get it! You can save the world a lot of unnecessary disposable cups (and get many free shots at many fine establishments, too).

Where are these made?

Those are spoon forks. Those are NOT sporks, and I am highly offended that you called them as such.