SmartShake Original & Slim Shaker Combos

I ordered three sets of these in purple, and they arrived today. I am very disappointed that the original shaker is a 12 Oz capacity in the main compartment, not a 20 Oz as listed. Apparently the 20 Oz rating is a combined volume of the powder compartment, the middle pill compartment, and the upper liquid shaker compartment. I own several of these where the liquid compartment is an actual 20 Oz, and the ONLY REASON I buy these is because I want a larger capacity shaker. I checked the manufacturers website today, and it turns out they list these in overall capacity as well, so it’s not woot’s fault. Adding a note in the description, however, that said the 20 Oz has a 12 Oz reservoir sure woulda saved me $30.00. Grrr.