smartwater Vapor Distilled Water Bottle 1L - 6pK

smartwater Vapor Distilled Water Bottle 1L - 6pK

This pricing is a
Joke, Safeway has singles of these for 1$ per bottle… I’d love to have a pallet worth of smart water at an actual deal… work on your core values Woot, like putting out an actual deal.

Hey there, we always appreciate links when someone calls us on our pricing. I went to Safeway’s website (which the store isn’t available in many parts of the country) and they have this 6-pack for $9.99 with your Club Card. If you saw the deal in store, we’re unable to match that as we don’t have access to check the local Safeway stores daily. Here’s the link to the Safeway sale that is $9.99:

Now I know why these are here. Bottles are malformed so they barely stand up by themselves.

Ozarka is that way all the time. They made the plastic so thin that they deform. I stopped buying that brand.

Good to know.