Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Mini Socks

Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Mini Socks

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Sorry woot, looks like everyone decided to slide in under your 19.99 today.

The mothership, that jezebel of a cousin Zappos, and Smartwool themselves!

Side note - I have a pair of these I use for my nature walks and hikes. Good socks, last a long ass time, and are comfy… abet even the xl is a bit small on me, but I make do.

Hi there - thanks for letting us know and glad you love your socks!

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Because of your eagle eyes, we worked it out and these socks are now $16.99! Much lower than that, well you know, that “cousin” of ours! Thanks again!

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Thanks for sharing. The price is much lower. :smiley:


Smartwool socks are excellent quality and I have bought some over the years here at Woot.

Another source is where you can typically find some variety on clearance.