Smartwool Unisex Hike Crew Socks, Large

Smartwool Unisex Hike Crew Socks, Large

Biggest complaint about the new layout is having to click on “Join the discussion”, only to see no comments. Worst thing EVER!!


That’s not the new layout. That’s just our devs still working out how to pull the info from the third party api. It’s close!

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I hate it too. :sob:

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Is this just a single pair? I don’t see a quantity listed.

I too was wondering about the quantity. I too hate this new set comment setup. I often rely on comments to decide whether or not to purchase something.
The silver lining is, the new layout has probably saved me money in items not purchased.


This is just a single pair.

What weight are these? The are listed on Amazon in either light, medium or heavy weights.

We have it listed as 4 oz in the specs for the size large, which is the only size available.

12 bucks for a single pair of socks, I don’t think so!

I believe the question refers to thickness rather than physical weight. But your answer did make me laugh out loud! :laughing:

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$12 bucks a pair is expensive for a pair of socks, but I have to admit these are the best socks I’ve ever worn. I wear them with everything.

Super comfortable, feel great and breathe so well. If you have stinky or sweaty feet, these really keep your feet dry.

I can’t say they are panty droppers when wearing them, but they perform flawlessly

Too bad there’s not a larger size available.