Smash Gummies, 16 Count

Smash Gummies, 16 Count

Is it possible to get two Pucker Ups because the other box has strawberries in it and I am deathly allergic to strawberries.


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In the beer/brewing world, “SMASH” refers to “single malt and single hop” beers.

And now you know.

No, sorry. It comes only as advertised.

The pucker ups are probably made on the same machines. Also it has in its ingredients “Fruit & Vegetable Juice”, which may have strawberries in them.

Then again, for all I know there is no actual strawberries in either. The ingredient has Natural Flavor, Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color, which isn’t very descriptive

Where are these made? They say they are produced for, so where are they produced?

The company is based in California.

As another posted suggested, you may want to reach out to the company to check on the potential for cross-use of machinery in making the Smashgummies. The website has a great FAQs section (though it doesn’t mention much about the Smashgummies because they’re pretty new) and you can contact the company with questions here:


Sour are sour (he spit his out and didn’t recover for 5 min) & the sweet barely palatable. We are gummy fans. Also, read the label! Number 1 ingredient is chickory root—so you won’t want to binge eat them anyway.

Lesson learned.