Smash Gummies, 16 Count

Smash Gummies, 16 Count

FYI, these were not great last time they were for sale. Very bland.

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$28.00 for 18 small bags of gummies!? Is there an ingredient that I am missing? Are these made in Colorado?


Here’s all of the ingredients you’re missing, they replaced them with things that cost much more apparently:

What’s NOT in the gummy?
Corn Syrup, Artificial Coloring, Artificial Flavoring, Artificial Sugar Substitutes, Sugar Alcohols, IMOs, Carrageenan, Preservatives

I found out from eating this product that chickory root does NOT agree with me. The sour, IMHO was too sour.

Yea 3 grams of sugar but 22 grams of carb

I got a couple bags of these in my Gormet BOC.

Didn’t really like the consistency (too dense/chewy, almost like they were stale, but still months from the best by date Feb 2021).

Also, the powder coating on the sour ones had a weird grittyness that was not pleasant, to me (maybe that’s the monk fruit?).

Carrageenan is seaweed extract - natural, vegan, safe & clean label.
Gelatin usually comes cows or pigs & kind of a nasty byproduct. This product is overpriced with poor justification