SmashMallow Marshmallow Sampler (14)

If you’re on the fence, take it from me (as someone who bought these last month), these are well worth the price. In this pack you get 14 packs of marshmallows, each containing 16 marshmallows. Each cube is roughly 1" x 1" x 1", with many being taller…between 1" to 1.5".

Flavors include:

Strawberry - DELICIOUS
Pineapple/Coconut - Pretty good…even has coconut bits on them
Coffee - Doesn’t beat you over the head with coffee flavor; they’re good.
Root Beer - A lot better than you’d expect. Reminds me of A&W Rootbeer Gum
Lemon - Again, better than I expected, one of my favorites
Churro - Covered in Cinnamon Sugar, delicious

and my favorite:


In conclusion…if you’re on the fence, just buy them. They’re delicious and cheaper than the store…you get 14 for $40 vs $4 a piece at Sprouts. I’m already through more than half my supply…they won’t go to waste.

I totally agree, I am trying the strawberry ones tomorrow and I am so thinking about buying another box. They are a nice low calorie snack and they taste so good, I do want to try the mint chocolate chip ones in a hot chocolate, and the cinnamon churro ones in a smores.

I got these and have been challenged to find a flavor I like. Some are ok, but I would never buy these again. Makes me really miss the company that made those little meringue cookies. Those were wonderful! These may end up at the local sharing center.

Based on the strength of a couple of reviews, and the fact that these sound too weird to pass up, I’m in for an order.
Wow, hardly a week in, and America is already great again!

I probably spent about $40 on candy during after Halloween and Christmas sales and have enough to last me the rest of the year.

Besides, I have had gourmet marshmallows before(not this brand though) and though tasty, I can not justify the expense except for the caramel covered ones. Mamuskas or something similar. Those things are ridiculous if you get the right ones.

I’d like to try these but can’t really justify spending $40 on marshmallows. Also, not a very nice trick posting a wine.woot item and it’s separate shipping issues on a Home & Kitchen page.