SmashMallow & SmashCrispy Sampler (14)

Smashmallow & Smashcrispy Gourmet Marshmallow Treat 14-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$44.99 $53.94 17% off List Price
(2) - Cinnamon Churro Smashcrispy, 6.9 oz. Box (6-Treats)
(2) - Strawberries & Cream Smashcrispy, 6.9 oz. Box (6-Treats)
(2) - Root Beer Float Smashmallow, 4.5 oz.
(2) - Cookie Dough Smashmallow, 4.5 oz.
(2) - Strawberries & Cream Smashmallow, 4.5 oz.
(2) - Cinnamon Churro Smashmallow, 4.5 oz.
(2) - Mint Chocolate Chip Smashmallow, 4.5 oz.

To celebrate Presidents Day, woot has brought you something almost nobody wants, from coast-to-coast.

I bought these on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised.
The crispy items were not included, and the I got a LOT of the marshmallow. Gave some away, ate quite a lot myself, and overall I was very satisfied. The flavors are very good, and all are quite different from the others. I am thinking about getting them again, mostly because of the crispy items, which will break up the marshmallow only. The churro and rootbeer flavors were my favorite.

I too bought these a while back and they were pretty delicious. I actually had to contact the company over a minor quality issue and they were really great to work with. I would really like to buy them again so I can try the crispy snacks but I’m really trying to save money. Hmmm, that cookie dough flavor looks really good too! MUST RESIST!

the cinnamon churro smashmallows are absolutely divine! i don’t think i need any of the other offerings in this set, but thanks for the impetus to track down some smashmallows on my next grocery trip. <=)

If you liked the Churro mallows, you’ll love the Churro crispys.

This is really a great selection…it takes out the only flavors I’ve been middle of the road on (Lemon and Coconut) and gives you a new one try (Cookie Dough).

Dang man, you’re really not helping my resistance any! I think the churro mallows were my favorite flavor and I didn’t notice that one of the crispy flavors was churro too!

I bought these a while back and really liked the crispy treats. I love the marshmallows in hot chocolate or even lattes.

Cinnamon Churro sounds yummy. But $45 for a marshmallow assortment? Nope, can not do it.

OK, now you are killing me! I have to order them. Life is short, right?

Question about how long these last. Unopened, would they make it to the summer for bonfires? What’s the typical Best By or Expiration date on a package?

Here you go:
SMASHMALLOW™ Strawberries & Cream-5/15/18 or better
SMASHMALLOW™ Cinnamon Churro-6/18/18 or better
SMASHMALLOW™ Mint Chocolate Chip-6/19/18 or better
SMASHMALLOW™ Root Beer Float -5/17/18 or better

WD was kind enough to send some to the November '17 NoVA gathering. My wife absolutely loved the Lemon ones. I was about to pull the trigger on these until I realized they were not included. :frowning:

Unit Price = $9.92/lb

I know. They always sound so good, but like-- I’m not even in a “add guac” financial place for food splurging.

Are they safe for peanut allergies?

Here’s the info from their site:

SMASHMALLOW and SMASHCRISPY are both made without gluten or dairy ingredients and contain no nuts! However, while we use the best practices in all of our facilities, the chance for cross-contamination is possible as there are also products that contain nuts, soy, eggs, wheat, and dairy manufactured in the same facility. If you’re on the fence, we urge you to stay safe and consider your own personal health situation before consuming our products. If you have questions that can’t be answered from our product descriptions or in this long, exciting list of FAQs, please ask us directly, via:

My local supermarket often has large bins of these on clearance for around $2 a bag. Guess they just don’t sell. Probably why woot always has them too.
My kids, who love to eat marshmallows, usually won’t touch most of the flavors of smashmallow.

Think of these as marshmallows for adults. They are delicious and I don’t go nuts over sweet stuff. I even found a perfect wine pairing for the churros! It was totally by accident, and of course, it was a very sweet wine that my 92 yo cousin had in her fridge!