SMC Barricade 4 Port Wireless-N Router

sigh boring!

F5 F5 F5 refresh refresh…noooooooooooo

This is a quick woot off

Where is everybody?

is it worth it to get this if i think i MIGHT be getting an N adapter soon? it’s backwards compatible, so is this price worth it to have it ahead of time?

everyone probably went to sleep due to the technical issues they had earlier. i’m only up because i’m studying for a final exam. this is an unnecessary (but fun) distraction

$29 on… refresh refresh nooooooooo

$29 on… refresh refresh nooooooooo

I was just gonna ask the same!

Pretty sure that description is for something quite different from the SMC router. But Batman is cool.

i’m only up because i am still at work. Good thing too. I got my aunt her scooba! I’ve been waiting for it to come back on woot for forever!

> Where is everybody? <

Server exploded at about 12:20 CT making ordering the great war videos offer go away; I could not log on reliably until 3:30.

My guess is a whole bunch of people just gave up, figuring Woot would start over tonight.

Woot I demand a quality post for the great comment I was gonna make at the start of the woot off. It involved Sisyphus and everything.