SMC Barricade 4 Port Wireless-N Router

can this be ddwrt’d

I am using this very routter right now which I boughtr for around $30 bucks from a while back… Not a bad device for the price

according to amazon these have issues with iOS devices.

backwards compatible means all my laptops and such with g wireless will work fine with this, right?


Not with my iPhone or with a hackintosh netbook…

Write-up was about a USB adapter, product was a router.

Last woot! off they had these for sale bundled with the SMC USB Adapters. I bought three then and have installed them all. The Routers worked fine, but the USB adapters required driver updates from the SMC webpage, the ones that come on the CD with the unit were all messed up and wouldn’t even install properly on a windows 7 64-bit system.

As a general rule of thumb, always go to the website and download the most recent drivers with any product you buy, don’t use the CD that comes with it. In this case of the USB adapters, it was mandatory!

Got three.