SMC Barricade N Wireless Router & EZ Connect USB Adapter Bundle

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SMC Barricade N Wireless Router & EZ Connect USB Adapter Bundle
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 SMC Barricade N 802.11n Wireless Router SMCWBR14S-N4
  • 1 SMC Networks EZ Connect N Wireless USB Adapter SMCWUSBS-N3

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can you put ddwrt on it

I just bought a new router yesterday.

Make sure you use WPA or WPA2 for your security because WEP is very insecure.

Router at Amazon

How well does this give signal through walls in a house?

I understand this is a router. But what is different/special about this versus my Linksys wireless router?

$25 Router with a USB adapter for Wireless is a nice bargain if you got an old laptop or desktop that haven’t got wifi.


The price is great: it would be a good price for either piece; it’s a great price for both.

Wireless N is the latest standard; this should still be current 3 years from now (maybe 5).

N gives you the best range today (maybe twice as good as G, if you’re having reception issues).

The hardware firewall will keep your system(s) a lot safer than the (semi-bogus) Windoze firewall, which you can turn off if you need better performance.

SMC support will answer and talk with you if you call them.


You cannot use the open-source alternative OS (that’s for Linksys).

Although SMC is a venerable purveyor of professional networking gear, they’re becoming an also-ran in the consumer market. (Maybe this is the reason for the great price.)

When I had an SMC, it worked great – as long as I reset it every day or so. Otherwise, it had problems.

is this better or worse than Linksys or Netgear? How come it’s so much cheaper than those other more “famous” ones?

I had an older SMC Barricade router that would quite frequently disconnect then reconnect with all wirelessly connected computers. While you might not think this is a problem, consider downloading a large file that cannot be resumed…

I, in anger, damaged a lapatop because I thougt it to be a unit of crap. But, later I realized, that the culprit was the crappy router made by SMC and labled Barricade.

A crashed hard drive, due to my anger, and a lot of hair pulled out, finally led me to the defective SMC Barricade router.

Since then, I have not recommended their stuff even to my WORST enemys.

Tread lightly!!!

Router froogled

Adapter froogled

This one is white.

Wireless-N 150Mbps, but only 100Mbps for wired ports??
What a crock!!

I just bought 1 about 3 days ago!

A very important question (at least to me), that for some reason many router makers are forgetting about…

Does this support static IP reservations / distribution of said reserved IP’s through DHCP based on MAC address?

GOod like finding serious reviews on SMC Barricade products. I found a few, but they’re really not even worth linking to.

Can it work with an Xbox 360?