SMC EZ Connect 802.11n 300Mbps Wireless USB Adapter

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SMC EZ Connect 802.11n 300Mbps Wireless USB Adapter
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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A what?

What is this thing for the dummys here like me?

Will this work with either the Tivo Series 3 HD and/or the Western Digital HD Live?

I hope these are better than the linksys ones woot had before. They said Windows 7 compatible but didn’t work at all…

Can this be used as a wireless network adapter for a series 3 TiVo?

300Mbps, that’s really fast right?

These come in handy in some situations but are not a great idea for constant use.
Worth picking up at this price though!

Only on review to be found on Buzzillions.

Anyone have any info on Linux support?

$25 here.

For this price, it’s worth a gamble.

Oh man this would have been perfect for a buddy of mine with an old Titanium PowerBook G4 looking to connect to his family’s 802.11g network. Alas, no Mac support at all, to say nothing about the old Tiger-based G4. :frowning:

I have zero use for this, but at 7 bucks who gives a fuck. Buy the motherfucker and throw it in the fucking trash if it doesn’t work. Also handy for a fucking backup.

Someone please explain to this old lady what this is used for. I love technology but some things just go right over my head.

It’s too bad these are 2.4GHz only. Less interference in the 5GHz band usually on these N adapters. You probably wouldn’t get any range at 5GHz with something that has such a tiny antenna though.

Quite tempting at this price though still.

Looks like it’s confirmed working for Ubuntu

My question is, does anyone know if this can be modded/hacked for an external antenna?

It will NOT work with the TivoHD. The ONLY ones that will work in those are the Tivo branded units.


two reviews, both 5 stars, both using Ubuntu

According to this PDF, the adapter does support Linux, but I couldn’t find any Linux drivers on their website. Although, I did find a couple of forum postings from people who have managed to get this adapter to work under Ubuntu.