Smells Like Crap Spirit

Got it first try, Woot! (Pun intended)

Thanks, Woot! I’m looking forward to a flaming bag of smelly poop dropped on my doorstep in a few weeks!

I go to the bathroom for 1 minute

3rd bag lifetime!! Woot!

How in the carp did I just get one? Woooooo!!!

Got one!

Darn it! Had it in my cart and boom…sold out once I hit place order. Grrr!

What so good about this crap that I can never get to buy one…RRRrrraawww!

me too!

Finally get all the way through to the order and then Denied. Man.

Finally got a bag, been F5’ing Woot for the past 24 hours.

Got to the Stupidly Large Yellow Button, but sold out before the order went through. Dang!

After a day of toiling away on the F5 button I finally got one. So excited for this Crap! Thanks Woot!

Almost got it… Apparently I was logged out and for some reason I added two in the cart…

Yay!!! I got one… But it seems like they sold more this time??? Hopefully, that has no effect on our bags of chuckles!!! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

Crap achieved! My whole office is eagerly awaiting said crapping!

Got one! Don’t know why I can’ resist these. I’ve only gotten crap. I think its the scarcity of them that makes them desirable. If you could buy them every day, no one would!

For some of us old folk, that would be a victory in itself. :slight_smile:

I got one while in the bathroom.

Finally! Considering this an early birthday present for myself. :slight_smile: