Smile for the Camera!

Why would a monopod need a pan arm?

Is there any way to know why the camera was refurbished, what broke on it or if it was just an open box return? Cameras have tricky bits…

Sorry but no.

Because both are tri/monopods. The center column detaches to become the monopod.

DPReview of the Nikon S9300… decent value… average battery life…

There are tons of returns due to user errors or unrealistic expectations ans to what the camera could do. Remember, digital is not “magic.”

Would the Sunpak light work for still shots? I sell on eBay and have a terrible time getting good indoor lighting for my pics.

I bought the Samsung the last time Woot offered it. Nice camera and takes nice pictures, but the shutter lag is terrible. This camera is basically only good for landscapes and sitting portraits.

Most certainly, Yes. Or maybe not.

I bought one before, at $299. I find the WiFi backup really helpful when I didn’t think I would, and the remote viewfinder is good, but the “hotspot” WiFi in the camera is pretty weak with a real world range of around 10 feet. It’s good for holding the camera up above the crowd on a monopod and taking pix. But if the Android/iPod loses connection, you have to start over at the camera – they don’t re-connect easily!
I find the body a little small for my large hands, and the lack of an optical viewfinder is a challenge when outdoors and the LED screen isn’t bright enough.
All that said, it’s a good camera, with awesome resolution and I’d buy it at $279 now if I didn’t already have one.
Oh, and if you want more batteries, buy originals, or get ready to sand the hell out of the 3rd party batteries, because they don’t slide out easily otherwise! :slight_smile:

Technically, it isn’t magic but most times, it’s damn close.

I have the same tripod (Quantary/Sunpak QSX) sans the monopod. While I can’t speak for the monopod aspect, the tripod has held up fairly well over the past few years. I have the tripod mount screwed onto my Nikon D40X for awhile now. The base secures really tightly to the camera mount and the tripod. The pan arm jiggles too much to be able to use it, so I just have it tightened on all the way.