Smile for the Cameras

Shiny cameras! Some of which we’ve seen before. Anyone want to share action shots to help people decide?

I don;t know about the rest b ut do not get the pentex 18X camera. It’s rubbish. I bought it the last time it was on woot. It’s all plastic and cheap. Which wasn’t the thing that bother me. What made me get rid of it was the quality of the shots. auto focus is bad. Did not focus correctly. I had to put it on manual to get the right focus. It’s just not worth it.

The Swann is pretty comparable to the GoPro, although the price isn’t that great on it right now. Wait until it’s on main Woot again for <= $120. Here’s some video I took the first day of having it.

The ironic thing is that the picture of the red Pentax is out of focus. I wonder if the guys @ Woot! took the photos with the other Pentax. Also the rear view of the black camera reveals the top portion with “14 Mega Pixels” printed on it even thought Woot! is advertising 16MP. Go Figure!

Got all excited about the Canon featured in the Plus picture, clicked on the link and there isn’t even one for sale?

Me too! Argh =P

At least I wasn’t the only one!!! They have it on QVC for easy pay. I was hoping to find a few more lenses here. Sad face :frowning:

How would you rate it on shock absorption. I’m rough on everything I own.

I bought the Olympus VR-320 camera because I was tired of buying expensive P&S cameras that broke. It is truly a minimalist, shirt pocket camera, almost all controls are done via menus. Olympus’s specialty for decades has been miniaturization and this is no exception, extremely small for a camera with 12X zoom capabilities. Haven’t taken enough reference shots to comment on picture quality, you’ll have to get that elsewhere. With flash off, shutter response time and time to first picture is very good. Only real complaint thus far is that it uses a proprietary plug rather than a micro-USB to connect to camera for power and PC connectivity with a standard USB on the other end of cable. This means you’ve got to carry an extra cable everywhere and hope you don’t lose it.

Man, I’m really tempted to purchase this again for the third time. My first Freestyle HD flew off my car and was destroyed in the process. My second one, which I got from Woot, was defective.

First, I had audio issues so I contacted Swann about it and they informed me - and I quote, “We may need to replace this camera of yours. You have one of the first batch of our Freestyle cameras and the audio in them has some issues.” My audio issue was constant static under any recording environment.

Second, and not long after the first issue, the camera had problems turning on and recording, it seemed like it was slowly dying. This is when I contacted Woot instead and got a RMA. So, if you guys end up having those “bad batches”… be very vary and either have Swann RMA or just return it back to Woot.

Even with all my misfortunes, I still have good things to say about the Freestyle HD. Compared to the GoPro Hero and Hero2, the Swann is a no-brainer when it comes to the pricing. IMO, the video quality of the Swann is smack between the Hero and Hero2. The thing I like most about this action cam is that it comes with a removable LCD backpack unlike the GoPros which cost another $79.99 extra. You get a lot more bang for your buck with the Swann.

Shock absorption performs just as well as any GoPro if not better. I had this mounted on my car @ an autocross event, the mount came loose (user-fault) and fell onto the pavement @ 80+mph. Picked it up remounted it and went for a couple of laps before the mount came loose again (still user-fault) but this time the car behind me ran over the Swann, ultimately ending it’s life.

Me too! I looked to see what type of dslr they might have and nothing! How about a Woot or Woot off with Canon and Nikon dslr’s

If you watch the video at around the 5 minute mark, you can see that I smash it pretty hard against a rock face. This is without the waterproof case. It did not affect the video, and it happily recorded the rest without a hitch. There was not even a scratch on it afterwards. As for drops, I have no idea yet - haven’t tried it on the mountain bike yet, but I’d assume it can handle it pretty well. The waterproof case offers some more protection, but you sacrifice sound. If you don’t care about the waterproof aspect, a quick fix is to drill a hole in the case near the mic. It feels like it’d stand up to some abuse though, and the laser designator is a very useful feature.

Me three! Got my hopes up woot…

Is it just me or does it seem to do a weird fish-eye thing throughout the entire video?

Perhaps as good as original GoPro but not near as good as GoPro2 HD. I have both, filmed the same scene and the GoPro2 HD is far better.

Well…at least the picture of the cameras advertising this deal isn’t misleading.

“Got all excited about the Canon featured in the Plus picture, clicked on the link and there isn’t even one for sale?”

Sorry about that. It’s possible there was a last minute change the lineup after the photo had already been shot.

So, umm, a big Canon camera front and center in the banner, yet none for sale?