Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener



i don’t really trust the video … there’s no way that girl was able to make an even sharpen on those knives. but does anyone know if this sharpener can sharpen shun knives back to their 16º?


Somebody talk me into buying this. I currently have an Accusharp Sharpener that had rave reviews on, and a Smith’s diamond sharpener (basically a honing steel with an interrupted diamond-dust covered pattern) that also was very highly reviewed, and they both just make a vaguely sharp, ragged mess of my knives.

I’m looking for something that’ll really put a nice sharp edge on a blade with a minimum of fuss or skill needed. (the Accusharp is pretty idiot-proof, but I’m sure I’m using the sharpening steel thingie wrong)


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Would these tear up my zebra print knives I bought a few months ago?

Thanks for demonstrating how easy this is to use :slight_smile:


Dexter probably has one. If not, seems like the perfect thing for him.


Well, the picture appears to show a Shun Classic being sharpened, for whatever that’s worth.

I don’t know if this has an adjustable angle, but I’m guessing it would say if it did. Consequently, I think it’s likely that it’s ~22 degrees.

Mods, any insight?


I actually asked this yesterday when previewing the sale. We didn’t get instructions with the buyer’s sample. They’ll try to get more info tomorrow (business hours, you know).


If you have nice knives that you care about, invest in a decent combo stone and 30 minutes on YouTube. Don’t run them through this grinder.


Does this work on machetes?


A very similar Smith sharpener sharpens at 22.5°. This is probably the same. Here’s another link with more info (about 2/3 down the page).

Then againthis one also looks similar and it’s at 17.5°, so… you probably shouldn’t believe me.


Had this for 10 years and works great. Sharpens all of our knives and lasts quite long between sharpenings.

Only one I had that worked. Easy to use.


For what it’s worth, Smith’s FAQ:

and contact page:

I’m guessing this is the same company that sold the $50 sharpener before for multiple woots, different model of course.
since the owner’s manual for the pro-edge has the same address as the contact info above.

edit: $59.99 for later reference in case sold later.


Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener
Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener

Not feeling it.
Watching the vid, this is an electric honer with a manual sharpener.


I know it says this one was made exclusively for Woot but, truthfully if you take a current model and do something as little as change the color that could make an exclusive run. Not complaining, this kind of thing is done all the time and certainly is good marketing and advertising. The only problem is because of this, it is a little harder to find competitive price comparisons. But, I think I have fond basically the same sharpener and it is going for, $99.95. Here is a link to that add,

Seems possibly the same sharpener is sold under the “Edgeware” brand name. Here is one for $99.96.

In any event, looking at the Woot version in comparison to the other two I found, (same specs) leads me to believe they are the same sharpener. If correct, the Woot price is very good in comparison.

With that said, while I am tempted to try one of these, I have been hand sharpening and honing my blades (slow and tedious) for years and I am more than a little on shaky about putting a high end blade in a machine. Plus with this machine you only have one angle and is a problem in itself. For example the angle on a fillet knife should be different than the angle on a butcher knife.

Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener
Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener

Much less here:

[MOD: not the same style sharpener]



The lady in the video ran a couple of Shun and Wüsthof knives through the sharpener (Both quite respectable knife brands), so for knives you’d find at everything from Williams Sonoma to Wal-Mart, this machine is a reasonable way to sharpen them when they get dull (REMEMBER TO GET A HONING STEEL AND USE IT AFTER YOU’VE FINISHED USING YOUR KNIFE).

Be aware, though, that sharpening your knife actually peels away part of it, because the sharpeners scrape away the steel that’s dull to create a sharp edge, so using this excessively will cause a thinner edge of your knife, making it more likely to get chips or cracks. Use it three to four times a year and you should be fine.

If you, like me, own high-end Japanese (Masamoto, Konosuke-Sakai, etc) or European chefs knives (like the maker found at, or K-Sab), then you will likely want to get your knives hand-sharpened - Professionally sharpened doesn’t count, they just use higher-end machines! - because the steel in these knives does not take well to machines like this, and in fact may be dulled through using it.

In sum; This machine works well for a range of knives that you’d find in Wal-Mart or Williams-Sonoma. If you’re really into knives, this would not be a good purchase.


The above models, for less, are not the same as the one offered here. Those are the models labeled, diamond edge. If you take a close look at the one you are pointing out and the one here on Woot you can see they are not the same. This model is the Ceramic Edge. The links I put in my first comment were for the same, ceramic edge. Apples to Apples.


If you have a blade that is higher quality then the answer is simple, take it to a professional a couple times a year and have them train you on a steel.

I would suggest going to somewhere who sells high end knives and ask the salesmen. They will recommend someone.

The edge they put on will be far superior to anything else and with a proper steel you can hone in between.

Alton Brown did a little bit about sharpening in a Good Eats episode. I couldn’t find it exactly but this is close it what he said.


FFS, don’t use an electric knife sharpener! They’re terrible for the knives, and usually unnecessary. Honing steels are cheap, easy to use, and can take care of about 90% of home “sharpening” needs. For the other 10%, do yourself a favor and take your knives to a pro.


As much as knife “experts” and enthusiasts don’t want to admit, these electric sharpeners work fine for most people’s semi-disposable kitchen knives. The Fibrox-handled Victorinox knives are nicer than what most folks have, and I’d call them disposable. Shoot, even for mid-range German knives, this will do a decent job.

Sure, you shouldn’t use these on your $300+ Japanese master-made Wa-gyuto, or even your Shun Classic knife set. But for most knives found in American kitchens, an electric sharpener is better than what they currently use. I have a Chef’s Choice 3-stage electric sharpener (a gift), and it makes a better edge than an average person is willing to learn. I’d much rather see someone use this than a dull knife.

That said, I know nothing about this particular model. Just don’t dismiss it only because it’s an electric sharpener.