Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener



It’s $49.99 now, was $59.99 on first introduction October 22:

The comments then are similar: if you don’t have expensive knives, you’re better off buying this than not sharpening at all. If you have more expensive knives, find a less “destructive” way to sharpen these. I personally fall in the first category, so I’ll be curious what people who bought this think.

My comment then:

and I hope Charlie doesn’t mind, but I thought this one comment stood out from last time:

Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener

Does it only sharpen electric knives?


Here’s the manual.


You just allowed me to forget for a moment,with a good laugh, that a tree fell on my house during Sandy. I’m serious, it really did.


Didn’t mind at all. Keeps me from having to look all that stuff up again. :slight_smile:



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I agree 100%: Expensive or just plain “good” blades should never be subjected to sharpening in electric sharpeners. Human hands and the “stone” of your choice is the only acceptable option. Electric,etc. sharpeners can be used to sharpen utility knives much more quickly than honing by hand. This looks like a good deal-after a few minutes of comparison I’ll know for sure. Who knows; I might even buy one!
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What about serrated? This is the first one of these I’ve seen for awhile that says it handles serrated knives, but there are so many kinds of serrations. Anyone have any experience to share?


I have one similar to this, an Edgeware 50142 which Smiths makes, it has the same twin motorized interlocking ceramic stones and ceramic rods.

For serrated knives you use the non motorized ceramic rods located on the right side, and it works fine for me but it does tend to sharpen the lower points of the serrations as you pull it over the rods, which I think is fine for finely serrated knives but for the bigger rounder serrations I can see using a separate rod to touch it up in addition to regular use with this.
The motorized interlocking stones work well, but I rarely use it, because I keep mine sharp with the rods or sharpening steel, I just use it to sharpen other peoples knives that are so dull it would take too tong to do it by hand.

I like Smith’s products a lot and if I knew what I do now and hadn’t bought the 150.00 one already I’d be all over this.

I recommend sharpening a cheap knife first to true up the ceramic wheels as mine were slightly off balance and bounced the knife around as I pulled the knife thru. I just kept running the knife thru and could tell the difference, soon knives ran through it smoothly, then I’d finish them off on the rods.


One of these days I’ll look at the thumbnail image and won’t think Woot! is selling a Dymo LabelWriter.