Smith & Wesson Delta 2 Combo Pack



I’m not sure if the pointed end of the mini light would be considered a weapon in CA or not if you’re carrying it.

Here is the CA law for weapon carry incase anyone with more understanding would like to chime in.


The spike flashlight would be ideal for killing zombies.


It’s a good price … $32.95 on eBay. 100 lumens is a lot of output for a flashlight that runs off of AAA’s. I’m not sure I believe the run times, but in for 1.


Where are you seeing these run times?


No no no nononononono, and NO! “Ideal” is long range, not within your own wingspan! Still hotly debated whether any fluid exchange from a Zombie transfers the disease, or just saliva/bites. You don’t want to find out the former after you have gotten that close and the strike with the nifty S&W tool splashed infected fluids on you!

That said in for 1 cuz’ it’s a good flashlight and I am a total sucker for cool flashlights. For the Z Outbreaks, though, I’ll stick with longer range weapons and defenses to stay long range.


I have to admit I am a flashlight geek.

Costco sell a different brand that also uses 3 AAA batteries that produce 200 Lumens.
Run time is only 1 hour on full brightness, can’t remember the runtime on dim but probably 4 hours (or more) They sell it as 3-pack for $20

On the other note, 100 Lumen is very very bright already (brighter than then 3D Mag-lite (the non-LED type) and no, the 200 Lumen will NOT appear 2x brighter than a 100 Lumen light because human eye vs. lumen graph is NOT linear.

Source for Mag-lite comparison:


I’m a sucker for flashlights but not a fan of the 3 X AAA cell solution.

And granted it’s better than nothing, I’d venture it’s a better zombie tool than glass breaker. Looks too light and hard to grip to deliver the kind of blow to break safety glass.

Not a bad deal but I’ll pass.


In for one. But only because I’m trying to find my way.


In a pinch, aka one sneaks up behind you or whatever, and you end up in melee range, I’d rather have a spiked flashlight than a long range weapon. It’s harder to whoop ass with a rifle at short range.


I’d be interested in some LED headlamps…


Yeah, it isn’t like a rifle is a big staff of steel and wood one could use to block, push off, then brain a zombie using the stock. I’d much prefer trying to stab one in the eye with a pointy flashlight the size of a juiced major league player’s pee pee. That’s totally sound reasoning. :stuck_out_tongue:


When I saw, “Smith and Wesson Combo Pack”, I assumed it was a pair of pistols for dual wielding in the upcoming zompocalypse. Sadly, this is not the case, but one can always use extra light.


The pointy thing should be a pen.


100 lumens isn’t bad, but I picked up a 2 pack of 200 lumen lights from Sam’s Club last weekend that run on 3 AAA batteries.


I bought that 2 pack and they lasted less than a year.


Long range head shots are still the recommended method for taking down zombies, but if you find yourself in close quarters hand to hand combat, this pointed tip might do the trick. You’d have to puncture the skull I believe to be effective. It may be difficult, but no one ever said fighting zombies was easy. As far as blood spatter infecting you, it is a possibility if some got in your eye or if you have an open wound. Though experts agree, a bite is the most likely form of transmission.


I actually bought this combo pack about a year ago at a sports store and paid closer to MSRP. The main reason was the skinny light fits perfectly inside a flight suit knife pocket so it’s a reasonably good match for my work.

The AA powered light is quite bright and stays that way until the battery is about to run out. Small and bright enough to keep in your pocket as a night time personal defense supplement without being bulky. The beam projects far enough to be teamed with a short range concealed carry pistol.

The stabby-light is bright, but projects a short beam. Good for inspecting something up close, but not much beyond a few yards. The pointy end is pointy, but the whole thing is made of aluminum. You don’t see many “aircraft aluminum” blades on knives or glass breaker tips on tools of any sort. Plus its skinny enough if you were trying to smash through something with it, it would probably slip… if the tip wasn’t broken/rounded off first.

But, for the price, certainly not a rip-off if you need some decent lights.


Agree. Almost all 3 X AAA flashlights I’ve purchased (different brands and models) seem to fail whereas almost all others don’t. The failures I’ve traced down usually involve the membrane switch or contact point to it.


I’ve got one of these. 200 lumens.

I love it, but way pricier than this woot.