Smith & Wesson Flashlight - Your Choice

Two perfect reviews on the Delta Force over at and a perfect review on the M&P 4 over at batteryjunction

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Smith & Wesson Flashlight - Your Choice
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Curious as to the range on this, I’ve seen many flashlights boast of their range instead on Lumen. Is this consistent with the lumen power or is it a design thingy?

Can’t find anything as far as strobe effect goes. Was about to pull the trigger on the M&P 4. Anyone know if it has a strobe effect cause that’s a selling point for me. Also the brightness isn’t adding up. Woot says it’s Woot says it’s 275 lumens. Optics planet and Battery Junction say it’s 160 lumens. Amazon and another store say it’s 200 lumens. Something isn’t adding up.

Also for those trying to search for the M&P 4… I couldn’t find anything until I searched the model SW1004CREE

I recently purchased 3 & it does have the strobe feature. I actually found strobe feature by accident. One click is high beam. With high beam on, 2 quick clicks gives you low beam. With low beam on, 2 quick clicks gives you the strobe. I really like this light. I also purchased 3 other S&W lights that have a separate button for the strobe feature. Both lights are well made & I recommend you purchase this one.

According to Chief Supply, the M&P 4 has a beam distance of 166m on high. This is backed up by this website, which also adds that the beam distance is 33m on low. I can’t find anything on the Delta Force beam distance.

Hopefully these will run on rechargeable 123’s. Otherwise feeding them will get expensive. Lumens ratings are not that impressive. LED color tint not specified…

This says “Smith & Wesson” and has the word “weapon” in it - so no shipping to NY right? :stuck_out_tongue:

The older versions of the MP4 were in the 160 Lumen range, but the newer ones (on Woot) are the higher 275 lumens. There is no Strobe mode on the MP4.

I’ve had the older M&P 4 for over a year and its a great utility light

Sure would be nice if Woot would do some deals on truly nice flashlights, like something from FourSevens, Fenix, Streamlight, etc. All of those brands have better interface choices than what’s being described for the strobe mode for these. (My FourSevens QTL, for example, memorizes two modes, so that I can have strobe instantly if I want it, vs having to go through some sort of click dance to get there.)