Smith & Wesson M&P 6 Tactical Flashlight

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Smith & Wesson M&P 6 Tactical Flashlight
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Pretty good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon and check out these comments from when this was sold in April

Everybody seems flashlight crazy.
OK. This is an expensive flashlight.

well worth it. This one made me come out of Woot retirement to get.

Same here

Are we sure that this Smith & Wesson M&P Series 6 Tactical flashlight has an output rating of 307 lumens? I couldn’t find this model on Smith & Wesson’s website, however the same model on Amazon rates it at only 200 lumens. Anyone have some thoughts on that?

Agreed. Amazon lists this as a 300 lumen light but everywhere else online, it’s listed as a 160. Very confusing.
This does sell for around $80 anywhere else, so the price is good… just don’t know what we’re getting.

Will this accept rechargeable CR123A Li-ion @3.2v?

Smith & Wesson Tactical Flashlights cannot be used as a laser site when bungie corded to other Smith & Wesson Tactical products.

(The More You Know)

I guess I need to get one of these to round out my M&P collection. I already have the M&P9, M&P40, and M&P 15-22. This will be the first one I have that doesn’t go bang.

S&W page does not show any info, Just shows large flash light…and that its cree LED.

This really isn’t an expensive flashlight. There are flashlights that go for hundreds of dollars.

Anyway, I bought this last time and I love it. It’s built really well and is pretty bright for it’s size. It’s not as good as say a $200 SureFire but for the price you’ll be surprised how good it is. I really enjoy mine quite a bit.

The picture on that Amazon link shows a flashlight with a tailcap button, but the photo on Woot’s sale shows the button on the side, next to the LED. Oddly, S&W shows the Amazon unit but not the Woot item, and seems oblivious to the model number (SW1006CSP). The only other link with that model number Google returns is with Krollcorp with a $109.95 msrp and 307 lumens output. Is this a woot launch?

If you are looking for a rifle mountable light, read this post from amazon:

There are a few key elements one must choose when picking up a tactical light: 1.Construction 2.Brightness 3.Functionality, Utilization, Mounting

  1. Construction is top notch; S&W make quality products and this is no exception. Built from high grade aluminum and painted matte black, this is not only solid and sturdy, but it can definitely take a few hits. Tolerances are tight but easy to manage, the button is easy to push and all threads are easy to turn. The unit itself is relatively light weight, but feels solid while you’re holding it.
  2. This light is bright! I took it outside in the sunlight and turned it on. I could see the light against the bark of a tree ten feet away! I took it back inside and decided to test it on myself. Yeah, I was blind for a minute after that, having turned it on and held it at arms length into my eyes for a split second. The package says this gets up to 180 lumens and I agree.
  3. I think the second drawback of this light is twofold; mainly, it doesn’t seem to be packaged for rifle mounting. It does not come with its own mounting hardware for tactical rifles and is likely too long for handguns. I had to purchase a generic mount on Amazon under 1 INCH TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT LASER RING MOUNT It fits well. Instead, you’re stuck with a pocket clasp (like a pen cap clasp) which would obviously hinder any solid mounting via rings. As there were no instructions included, I unscrewed the top portion of the light and used a letter opener to pry the clasp off. It’s on there tight and it fits like a partial collar so you should be able to pry it away from the body of the light with relative ease. Second part of this drawback is that this light did not come with a line and tape for remote activation; you’ll have to push the button when you want it on or off. Honestly, that’s not a problem for me, but it could certainly be a drawback in a tactical situation because it would require you either mount the light very close to your second hand or you’d have to remove your second hand from the gun and push the button.

Overall, this is an excellent light made of high quality materials and well constructed. It is definitely bright and came with two CR123 batteries included. If you were using this on foot patrol or perhaps stashed away in a glove box, this would be cream of the crop for value and construction. If this was soley intended for tactical rifle mounting, you’ll still have an excellent light, but you’ll either need to locate a Universal tape adapter or be comfortable pushing the button. In any case, 4 out of 5 star item

Made in China

I spent years buying all kinds of flashlights trying to find one that felt like it was doing what I wanted. I finally asked a friend in law enforcement and he suggested a little tactical light he used from SureFire. I waited months before finally breaking down to spend the $100+ for a four inch flashlight, but I won’t buy a cheap one again. I spend less money over time with this because the batteries are inexpensive (by the box), last a long time, and the light is incredibly durable. Mostly I will stick with these type of tactical lights because they work better than I thought something like this could.
Take a regular flashlight from your house and shine it on a wall 5 feet away, then try 20 feet. You will see an incredible drop in how much light is concentrated on the area you are pointing at. With mine, I can still light up an area a couple hundred feet away with a level of brightness higher than the normal light’s 20 feet. You don’t realize it until you use one of these, but this is exactly what you have always wanted from your flashlight whether you knew it or not. Almost anyone who has a really good flashlight will tell you the money is well worth it, not just in a ‘get what you pay for’ way, but in a ‘finally, something that works properly’ way.

For those of you perhaps wondering about the specs, we got them from the manufacturer’s website here, everything we have up should match (and, of course, will match the specs of the flashlight we send too!)

I got one during the last sale. It is plenty-o-bright. It’s light weight and feels very sturdy.

No, it doesn’t come with a pigtail or ring mount for you tacti-cool types but with a little ingenuity you could easily adapt this to whatever “Sub-Urban Arm-Chair Range Ninja Warrior” configuration you may require.

My only complaint about the flashlight is that the 2-stage button is a little hard to master (for me anyway) in the respect of using the flashlight in “low-beam” mode. But what am I talking about? Who would ever want to use it in the lower output setting? Silly me.

I don’t know about specific lumens or anything like that but as I said before, it’s plenty bright. Like others I foolishly looked into the light and it’s pretty dazzling, it actually made me tear up a little.

I’m just going to toss this out for comparison. The best bang for the buck going is this;

I have this and use it daily. I have 20+ years in law enforcement and I have gone thru dozens of flashlights over the years. I’ve had cheapo’s and crazy expensive ones. The one I am currently using has been accidentally drop tested numerous times and still works great. The way I abuse flashlights I figure if it breaks I can afford a new one. There is nothing wrong with this S&W but there are better and brighter options for the money.