Smith & Wesson M&P7 Series Tactical Flashlight


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Smith & Wesson M&P7 Series Tactical Flashlight
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SW1007CREE MP7 Series Flashlight Lumen Output: High 132/Low 51

Woot has this one mislabeled.

I’ll ping our buyer, thanks.

Some time ago (more than a year), I bought an S&W flashlight from Woot. It is well made and the light is bright.

There are, however, two problems. First, the switch at the bottom of the light acts as both an ON-OFF toggle (by screwing the cap in and out) and also intermittent (push ON, release OFF) by pressing the switch. Which it is depends on how far the base cap is screwed on. There are no detents or other indications of where you are!

This is a terrible idea because it is very easy to leave the light OFF but still in a position where pressure on the base will turn it back on, exhausting the batteries. This can happen from simply putting it into the holster.

Which raises the second problem. The holster didn’t fit. It was absolutely impossible to close it to where the velcro closure would catch. It wasn’t even close. The gap was as much as a half inch! So the sheath/holster was useless.

IMPORTANT: this may not be the same model. But be careful. If it has a push button on the bottom, be VERY VERY careful.

Nobody’s perfect, but WOOT! got it right on this one - here’s the site with specs.
Specs: Output: 275 Lumens High - 30 Lumens Low
Run-Time: 3 Hours High - 187.8 Hours Low
Beam Distance: 191m High - 29m Low
Barrel Diameter: 1"-Weapon Mountable
Length: 5.5"
Weight: 5.1 oz
Batteries: 3 Energizer® AAA (Included)

Personally, I’d rather get 10 of these:

Yeah, good luck with that. Do you like filling up the landfill with 10 pieces of crap?

I want one dependable light so when I need it I have it and it works. I keep mine with my bedside lead poisoning kit… I don’t want 10 of them and try to find one that works if I ever so need it.

I am still looking for a strategical flashlight. Anyone ?

I’ve had poor luck with Smith and Wesson flashlights. Purchased 2 from here sometime back and only got a few months from them. Personally, I wouldn’t do this again. Still waiting for that deal on a Surefire :frowning:

I DO own One Of These And It Works Perfect!!! For Over 2 Years Now And It Actually It Represents Less Waste Less landfill and crap because it uses only one battery… And i own about ten different flashlights and for the price of this one there is better options with more light output

I’ve been using one of the cheap-o’s for the last 4 months with no problems. I can’t speak to how they compare to the S&W.

Actually, I’ve owned about 6 or 7 of these for the last 3 years and ALL are working great! Smaller than the S&W because they only use one AA or if you want to double the output, try a 14500 Li-Ion rechargeable, plus, it’s flood/spot focusing–huge advantage.
BTW—I HAD an S&W 3AAA torch(not this one), but it died after 3 months of jacket-pocket carry and 5 uses–now in a landfill, never again.

Nitecore P12 - 950 Lumens is an excellent flashlight and you can find them for $50 - $60+ around the internet. I’ve used one for a variety of things from doing car repairs, work around the house, camping/backpacking, and rail mounting. They’re more expensive than this S&W, but for around $25 more, you are getting SO much more. Look it up and see if it’s something that fits your needs. You can get rail attachments/mounts (some with lasers that are pretty cool) for pretty cheap, too.

Please, Woot! Please get some similar flashlights that use 123 batteries!

YES! I prefer to use CR123A Lithium batteries as well!

I have 2 CREE LED 120 Lumen flashlights from Gunshack that I bought through Gearhog - they work awesome.

I’m confused (or maybe just slow on the uptake), but the front page says the runtime on the flashlight is:

“20 hour runtime on high / 40 hours runtime on low”

And your post (from the source) says:

“3 Hours High - 187.8 Hours Low”
(^ which seems like an almost unbelievable disparity!)

So Woot has it wrong on their description???

I am TOLD, that if you are a 123 fan it may behoove you to pop back in on 5/07.