Smith & Wesson Micro 90 LED

A shame I’m too cheap to buy a holster that could accommodate a light.

Anyone know if this works with a S&W M&P .40?

It says most guns with a picatinny rail…so if your M&P has such a rail then I would think so.

It definitely fits on a 40c:

I got this when it was up on Woot last October for $39.99. This is a fantastic light. Attaches to the Picatinny rail on my pistol (FN FNX-9). It should attach to all guns with a Picatinny rail. Light is very bright and easy to use. I am very happy with my purchase.

Yep. Here’s a review with a picture of it on an M&P.™-led-weapon-light-available-from-smith-wesson®-flashlights/5211/

They also mention Blade-Tech holsters in there, who has exhibited exemplary customer service for their products (in response to the first poster).

I understand this division of is about sporting goods (and shooting things is sporting, right?) and I get that some people really like their guns and ammunition, but… it really saddens me to see this on here. :-/

why’s that?

Thanks for having great deals on shooting accessories woot! I’ve been putting off buying a light and this will fit the bill perfectly.

Because they for a split second thought it was a bike light and got excited? That’s my excuse.

Would you feel better if folks couldn’t see where they were shooting?

you just need a pistol mount for your bike! and a pistol with this light…

LOL what? This is a FLASHLIGHT. Would you feel better if it was a tactical fleshlight instead?


As a person who recently lost a family member to a random shooter, I wish gun accessories were left off of the site.

Im sorry to hear about your loss Sam. No one can say what its really like until they have been in your shoes. However, without making this political, taking weapons and accessories for weapons off the market will only make the senseless and random shooters NOT fear anyone shooting back. Me, my family, and friends would never be a part of a random shooting. shooting back at at a random shooter to SAVE A LIFE…dang right we would.

I am so sorry for your loss. I completely agree with your comments. Imagine a world without guns; nobody had them, not the good guys or the bad guys. People could fight with their hands if fighting was the only method of settling a problem; I know it’s naive and ridiculous to think that way, but, I, too, mourn for all of the grief and tragedy we suffer due to weapons. Yes, I know, it’s not the weapon, it’s the person shooting the weapon that is the problem… but, when does it stop? When we’ve killed everyone? I’m rambling now, but, again, I am sorry for your loss. Take Care…

You remember the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s? Everybody and their grandfathers (and grandmothers) regardless of what they drove…from a truck to a station wagon had a rack in the back window full of rifles and no one was getting shot at. or at least it was VERY rare. Is it the guns or the people? is it the lack of parenting?..the lack of gang control? rights taken from teachers? Please think about it. If guns were controlled now days the freaks would go crazy without the fear of a good man or woman putting one right where it counts.

Eh, there are teetotalers out there who wish there was no wine woot. I myself am kind of tired of all the mediocre computers.

I don’t see why your hobbies are more important than mine. And to assuage some fears, think how likely it is someone is checking woot for a quality light to put on the quality gun so they can go commit a crime.

This is being bought by the good guys.

It sucks that you lost a family member, but your hobbies don’t override my own. Would you wish woot never had a knife on the site due to everyone who has lost a loved one due to a stabbing? Get rid of wine.woot for the folks who lost someone due to a drunk driver?

Even if a flashlight were involved(which I doubt) in the loss of your family member that was shot, blame the person that did it, not an inanimate object.