Smith & Wesson Tactical CREE LED



Tactical tail cap? I’m sold!


Had this flashlight for work. It was decently bright, and it was nice having the red light to preserve my night vision. However, not rugged at all. Don’t drop this light from more than 3 feet on concrete. It broke the circuitry or internals of the light.


ok reviews on the M&P 8


Don’t buy this. The batteries are WAY too expensive.


I own one, it is quite bright, and the batteries are pretty cheap if you look around:


you can get a whole boatload of AAA batteries on Woot for cheap once or twice a month. Not expensive by any measure.

EZ John


They are talking about the lithium, not the AAA, dude… the two flashlights take different batteries…


Basically, the MP4 is skinnier and brighter, but uses special lithium batteries, and doesn’t have the red LED.

The MP8 is a little thicker (same weight apparently), and has the nifty red LED, but you lose out on some of the brightness, and the runtime is slightly less. The advantage is that it uses AAA batteries.

I posted a link to cheap CR123A Lithium batteries on eBay, but there are more savings to be had, like using the MP8 model with rechargable batteries, preferably bought from Woot of course :slight_smile:

Great flashlights either way!


CR123s are only expensive if you get them at a drug store! I get the Tenergy branded ones cheap from a local hobby shop.


come on woot, you’re only 0.85 cents cheaper than amazon (inc. s/h)!?!?!?


Technically, a 3rd party. Also $5.95 shipping.

This is where taking advantage of the $5 all day shipping works to your advantage.


only 2 reviews on amazon. one was a two star


How does this get categorized as Sport? It’s Tech!


I’m surprised and disappointed that neither flashlight has more than one mode (besides the red LED). Having low and high (and medium) modes save electricity. Low modes can often extend battery life 5-10x. Many flashlights also have a strobe mode to blind assailants, and an SOS mode. Both of these modes are useful for signaling, and being momentary, they can last for days. This can be crucial if you’re lost in the mountains, etc and trying to get the attention of rescue aircrafts.


What exactly makes a flashlight “tactical”?

It seems like a flashlight becomes “tactical” if they want to charge about 10x what a non-tactical flashlight costs.

It’s sort of like attaching the word “fine” to the word “wine”. All of a sudden you sell it for so much more because there are dopes out there who are suckers for such ploys.


At least it’s not made out of aircraft grade aluminum!


Bring back the LED Lenser T7 light! That has two brightness modes, is rugged, and has the truly awesome fast focus system for flood or throw. And $10 cheaper.


Also, if you think batteries are too expensive for either light, your shopping fu needs major work. If you look around, especially if you buy in bulk, batteries are pretty darn cheap. There are rechargeable CR123s also, if you want to pay an up-front cost and never have to buy them again.


Last time these were for sale on woot, I bought two MP8’s for $50 each. Thought that was a good deal then, so $39.99 for an awesome flashlight is an even better deal now!