Smith & Hook 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L Magnum - 2 Pack

Smith & Hook 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L Magnum - 2 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 Smith & Hook 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L Magnum
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It seems to be the same price ($30) per bottle on their website, but with shipping and sales tax around $82.05.

Cellar Tracker’s users rated it around 86 and 88 by Connoisseurs’ Guide

I also found here “Winemaker Notes - Made from grapes grown at our own Smith and Hook Ranches and crafted from the vine to the bottle with attention and care, the 2007 Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that is sure to please even the most discriminating palate. In true ranch style, this wine pairs well with strong red meat. Try it with prime rib and horseradish, or braised shortribs, with smashed garlic and chive red potatoes.”

It seems that $30 at the winery site is for a 750 bottle, not 1.5L

My wife and I have had more than a few bottles of Smith & Hook and it’s good stuff. Can’t say about this vintage, but it draws our attention when we see it on the menu or in a wine shop.

The drinkable range may be a bit extended beyond the standard size bottle with this large format, as the juice in larger bottles ages at a slower pace, and supposedly more gracefully.

I’m such a sucker for a good QPR magnum. It is easy to find cheaper wine in 1.5l bottles for a good price, but becoming a more of a rarity to find downright good quality wine in a magnum for a reasonable asking price.

Right now I’m enjoying a 2-buck-Chuck Merlot with a spicy bowl of sausage jambalaya.

Maybe it’s time to splurge a little- is this a good cab?

What’s the drinking window on this?

Should be a bit longer being a magnum eh?

Now we know where all that Copa del Rey comes from :slight_smile:

I haven’t had this exact wine but a friend served some Smith and Hook a while ago and it was really good. Really flavorful stuff.

When are we going to see some Washington wines?

Deal seems interesting, but that 14.8% really frightens me…

Has anyone tasted it before - is it CA style fruit/hot?

This is one of my favorite $15 Cabs - finished a case of it a year ago and haven’t been able to find it at my local wine stores. The Magnum price here is pretty average, but I’ll buy since I can’t find it local any more.

Why is this a black tie buy?
$65.00 delivered for two 1.5L bottles = $16.25 per 750ML.
Not Black tie compared to some of the others I’ve seen… actually a pretty decent price

why do you enjoy it so much? Is the wine fruit forward, smooth, velvety, earthy, etc. any thing would help! I am considering this deal. i tend to enjoy fruit forward wines that re not hot on th fisnish and with little ior no earrthy undertones…

Although $15 is the woot price, have you actually been buying it for $15? At the winery it is $30 a bottle.

I’m intrigue solely because the offer is 2 mags. I have no large format bottles. SIWBM though…

I’m also intrigued by the Magnum format (and at a fairly low price).
Hope to hear a bit more about the wine here before I seriously consider ‘pulling the trigger’.
Generally a ‘novelty buy’ for me, so, anyone in the Northern Virginia / D.C. area interested in a split?

ive bought this bottle before and for an inexpensive bottle, its a good drinker. this is one i would open when entertaining and i would decant as well. a 750ml bottle is 30 at the winery and i have found it at local stores in the mid 20s. so for 65, 2 magnums is a very good deal.

Yes! Also intrigued…As always MD prevents me from doing the order (for now)…let me know if you decide to go for this.:slight_smile: