Smith’s Santoku Standard Edge Pull Through Knife Sharpener

I’ll take my honing steel over one of these any day.

My knives are all serrated, so nothing to see here.

Damn, I wanted that Keurig mini. Too slow. oh well

We also use steel rod sharpener.

Next item, please.

Nebraska and Kansas sure do love their knives sharp!

If you really care about your knives, honing steel every other use, and professionally sharpen a couple times a year depending on use/need.

Anyone know if this will sharpen scissors?

I would love it if woot ran some Norton, Naniwa, or Shapton water stones.
a DMT plate now and then would be nice as well.

Honing steel is not used for sharpening. You hone the blade before use to straighten out the sharp edge after the previous use, since it gets bent after cutting through food or hitting the board. Sharpening involves actually removing a layer of the metal in order to restore the edge after it becomes dull and doesn’t cut as well.

No they do not sharpen scissors.

quabity post right here.

So what makes this different from other pull through sharpeners? I’ve got a block of Santoku knives and wonder if this is what I need vs. the electric sharpener I have?

Finally! people have said that I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the kitchen, I’ll show them!

my first woot! even though i’ve been a member for months. too much self control.

Solid for any hunter out there. Work great.

I got one or these, or one very similar to it, at Target a year ago and it’s great!

Is the image mirrored, or is this a left-handed device?

daddy needs a flat bottom teapot…

Its for those of us that have backwards hands.
Or, alternatively, you could just put it in either hand.